This Ordinary Life


This Ordinary Life by Jennifer Walkup (Advanced Copy from BEA15)


Jasmine Torres has her whole life planned out. She’ll land that coveted internship at a top New York radio station. She’ll get a full ride to the college of her choice. And, if life were really up to her, her little brother Danny will live a healthy and happy life – seizure free.

But because it’s life – Jasmine’s life – things never go as she plans. So when she misses her chance at the coveted internship because her little brother Danny has taken quite possibly his worst seizure yet, she knows that her plans have to change. And fast.

Jasmine isn’t just Danny’s sister, she’s more like his mother. That is when their own mother is incapable. Which, with all the drinking, is always. Pushing a dreams aside, Jasmine solely focuses her attention on Danny and making sure Danny is taken care of.

But when the chance to live her own life arises, will she be strong enough to take it?

This Ordinary Life, written by author Jennifer Walkup, is a realistic story that focuses on love, life, and everything in between.

There’s something very breezy about author Walkup’s writing. And that’s a truly great thing because she covers some pretty tough subjects, all of which she handles with honesty. Walkup doesn’t sugarcoat anything making this read, at times often difficult, but real.  Beyond being breezy, her writing is strong. And it really is what will pull readers in and keep them engaged to the very last page.

There’s a lot to love about This Ordinary Life. But most of all is main character Jasmine. The only word that comes to mind when thinking of her is authentic. She’s an honest to goodness great character – the kind readers will easily see glimpses of themselves in and find themselves rooting for all the way through. But Jasmine isn’t the only great character. All the characters that fill the pages of This Ordinary Life are stand out characters. Readers will not be able to help but care for all of them.

Going into this book, in the far corners of my mind I thought there were going to be more than one predictable moments. But truth be told, there weren’t any. Just when I thought I knew what was going happen boom! something completely different happened. And I really liked that aspect.

This Ordinary Life is a great read. And it’s one that will fit many different reading tastes and moods.  So … what are you waiting for?! Read it already!

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3 thoughts on “This Ordinary Life

  1. I am pretty excited for the end of the month when I will be free of obligation reading for a bit. Hoping to pick this one up then! Great review.

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