Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Quotes From Books I Read This Year!

Hello Readers!


(The above photo was taken and altered by me for the purpose of these posts.)

And welcome to a new Tuesday with a new Top Ten Tuesday post! Today’s post is focused on some of my favorite quotes. But not just any bookish quotes, these quotes are all from books that I have read (and not to mentioned loved) so far in 2015.

As you already know I haven’t been reading as actively and as steadily as I have in the past, so instead of ten quotes, I’ll be posting my top eight quotes.


“I hate seeing fat girls on TV or in movies, because the only way the world seems to be okay with putting a fat person on camera is if they’re miserable with themselves or if they’re the jolly best friend. Well, I’m neither of those things.” Dumplin’ by Julie Murphy

“I wish for a life so brave, so unpredictable, so full of unexpected joys and unforgettable love that no box could possibly contain all my memories.” Even In Paradise by Chelsey Philpot

“I am a vacation. I am the Caribbean, and a fruity drink and a sunburn and a break from real life. But I am not real life. No one lives in the Caribbean. No one wants a fruity drink every day. I’d rather be water: necessary.” Life by Committee by Corey Ann Haydu

“Life doesn’t have to be so planned. Just roll with it and let it happen.” To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before by Jenny Han

“Today feels different because yesterday was different.” Things We Know By Heart by Jessi Kirby

“There’s a monster in our wood. She’ll get you if you’re not good. Drag you under leaves and sticks. Punish you for all your tricks. Anest of hair and gnawed bone. You are never, ever coming… home.” The Darkest Part of the Forest by Holly Black

“Things… well, things suck sometimes. And sometimes you can fix it. And sometimes you can’t. It’s just the way it is.” Stealing Heaven by Elizabeth Scott

“The funny thing about stop signs is that they’re also start signs.” The Keys to the Golden Firebird by Maureen Johnson

“A good writers are weird. Proudly weird.” Kissing In America by Margo Rabb

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