Orion and The Dark


Orion and The Dark by Emma Yarlett


Orion is scared of … well, everything. But more than anything else, Orion is scared of the dark. What with it’s terrifying shadows and even more terrifying nighttime noises, of course Orion is scared.

Because of this, bedtime often fills Orion with dread. Until the night that the dark – an oversized creature – climbs through the bedroom window and shows Orion that the dark is not as scary as it seems.

Meeting the dark give Orion a whole new perspective, but is it enough to make him less scared?

Orion and the Dark is a picture book written by author/illustrator Emma Yarlett.

Yarlett’s writing is simple yet strong. It’s the words that fill the pages of this picture that make this story about a common childhood fear both approachable and relatable for readers of all ages. Beyond this, her writing sparks imagination.

And in case you don’t want to use your imagination while reading this book, just take a peek at Yarlett’s illustrations. This author/illustrator truly excels at not just telling Orion’s story, but bringing it to life. The illustrations that fill Orion and The Dark are whimsical, colorful, and above all else beautiful.

There’s a lot that stands out in this picture book. But what stood out most to me was how Yarlett handled the Dark. The Dark isn’t just the world devoid of light, but rather he’s a creature that isn’t only lovable, but he’s also a lot less scary that our imaginations believe it to be.

Yarlett’s Orion and The Dark is the kind of picture book that kids will want to read over and over … and over again. In my opinion, it’s just that good!