Synchronized Reading Post #1: Mementos


Hello Readers!

I know I was supposed to post this last week with all the Even in Paradise goodness. I had something posted and scheduled for Friday, but in my heart of hearts I just couldn’t post it. I wasn’t happy with the post. I felt like all the “mementos” I talked about were simply things in my life that I could possibly take or leave. And I didn’t want to post a post like that.

Sure I collect things – but they are exactly that – things.

For this post, I wanted to talk about possessions that had meaning to me and my life. Why? Because I honestly don’t post a lot of personal  information here and I felt this was a great way for my readers to get to know me even better. And besides that, Charlotte’s mementos mean so much to her and her life. I wanted to talk about those items that mean so much to me and my life.

Even though the list of mementos isn’t long, it is full of items of importance.

There’s my first concert t-shirt. Music has always been a big part of my life and a part of my identity. I remember being very young and begging to go see my then favorite music group live in concert – New Kids on The Block! Seriously, any girl my age remembers wanting to desperately be that girl in the Cover Girl video …. you know the one that Donny brings on stage and kisses on the cheek! All young NKOTB fans wanted to be that girl, and if they tell you differently, they’re lying.

I didn’t get to go see NKOTB live in concert. But years later, when I was truly coming into my musical own I stumbled upon a band whose music I connected with — Matchbox 20. I was fifteen years old and as luck would have it they were touring that summer. With my aunt and best friend in tow I went to my first concert. It was everything I imagined it would be.  And it is still one of the most memorable moments of my life.

Tucked away I have my concert ticket stub and the very first concert t-shirt. These items are important to me because they showed me the magic of music.

Since going to that first concert, I have gone to too many concerts to count. And even though my taste in music has certainly changed, Matchbox 20 will always hold a special place in my heart. Afterall, they were my first concert experience!

Music is a very (obvious) important part of my life. But even more important that music are the people in my life.

While browsing my grandparent’s book shelves, I admired my grandfather’s Stephen King collection. My grandmother had asked me if there were any books that I would want. I asked for Carrie (by Stephen King since it’s one of my favorite movies) and a Kurt Vonnegut book (knowing that my grandfather was a big fan of his work). These books that once belonged to my grandfather quickly became mementos in my life. Not just because they are books, but because in some strange way they showed me just how alike my grandfather and I am. Besides the books, tucked inside were tickets or scraps of paper he used to mark his page. Yes, when I read Carrie I used the same scrap of paper my grandfather had.

And then there’s Sam — a doll with yarn hair and tattered coveralls – that I have had since I was about a month old. Sam is directly linked to my childhood. I vividly remember playing house and school with her and telling her all of my childhood secrets. I haven’t played with Sam in some time, but she’s still important to me. I feel like this doll has been with me for every major step of my life, and will always continue to be.  When I packed up my bags to move away to college, Sam was the first thing packed and she sat proudly on my dorm room bed. When I cam home feeling like a different person she came home with me, changed too. I know I have more important steps in life to take, and there’s no doubt that Sam will remain a constant.

Like I said before, there aren’t a lot. But the mementos I talk about sure are very important to me.  And they are items that when I look at them, or even think of them, brings a big smile to my face.

So, dear readers, now that I have told you about my mementos, what are some of yours? And if you’re curious about Miss Print’s mementos, make sure to check out her post!