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Hello Readers!

I know, I know …. it’s been some time since I posted a Boys of Summer post. Somehow summer got away from me – I do apologize.

But I’m finishing off the summer with a bang (I promise). Today I’m featuring, not only a fellow blogger, but also my real life BFF Emma, aka Miss Print (who, let’s be honest is no stranger to the BookBandit Blog!)

Emma has put together a great post, and I’m super excited for all of you to read it. It’s definitely a list for all of your fantasy loving hearts!


Romantic Fantasies to Read this Summer

Everyone loves a romantic story. Here are ten of my favorite fantasy ones (and a couple of sci-fi stories too) to help you kick back this summer and get in maximum swoons:
  1. Loop by Karen Akins: After her solo midterm to the twenty-first century goes spectacularly wrong, Bree knows she’s in big trouble. The only option is to try to sneak back to complete her midterm before anyone notices. The only problem is Bree ends up missing her target destination. She finds the boy she accidentally took hostage–Finn, who is now three years older and at least three times more attractive–but before she can fix anything Bree is pulled back to her own time. With Finn. Who claims that he and Bree’s future self are . . . dating? (Be sure to check out the sequel Twist.)
  2. Brightly Woven by Alexandra Bracken: When her town offers the wizard Wayland North a reward for bringing them much-needed rains he knows exactly what he needs: the young weaver named Sydelle. As the pair make their way across the country Sydelle begins to understand there may be more to North than his vague statements and mercurial temperament. There might even be more to Sydelle herself. Like any good weaving, it is going to take Sydelle many layers to see the full picture.
  3. The Selection by Kiera Cass: America doesn’t know what to think when she is chosen as one of the girls Prince Maxon as part of the Selection. In her new surroundings she finds unexpected friends and a life she never dared to imagine. Circumstances beyond America’s control brought her to this point. Now, America will have to decide for herself whether or not she wants to stay. (The series continues with The Elite and The One plus companion novellas and a sequel series.)
  4. Sea Change by Aimee Friedman: Everything Miranda thought she knew about her own family, her basic reality, and love is turned upside down when she comes to Selkie Island and meets Leo, a local boy with his own breezy, otherworldly charm. Miranda will have to sort through the facts, and the myths, to find the truth and maybe even her own happy ending.
  5. These Broken Stars by Amie Kaufman and Meagan Spooner: When the luxury spaceliner Icarus is pulled out of hyperspace and crashes Lilac and Tarver are thrown together on a seemingly abandoned planet. With no one but each other, this unlikely pair builds a grudging respect and even friendship. As their relationship turns into something more than either could have imagined, Lilac and Tarver’s dreams of a life together are derailed by the strange mysteries on the planet and the impending threat of rescue. (The series continues with companion novel This Shattered World.)
  6. Don’t Expect Magic by Kathy McCullough: Life in California with her life coach father “Dr. Hank” is not what Delaney expected. Turns out Dr. Hank is really a fairy godmother–granter of wishes, inhabitant of fairy tales everywhere. And the fairy godmother condition is hereditary. Meaning Delaney Collins, the girl with the fierce attitude and boots to match is a fairy godmother with wishes of her own to grant. As Delaney struggles to help her first client she realizes that sometimes even a fairy godmother needs a wish of her own. (Be sure to check out the sequel Who Needs Magic?)
  7. Hourglass by Myra McEntire: For the past four years Emerson Cole has seen strange things. Emerson knows she is beyond help, but agrees to one last consultation with a man from an organization called the Hourglass. Michael Weaver isn’t like the other people who tried to help Emerson. He is good looking and he isn’t much older than Em herself. He listens. He believes her. He doesn’t think she’s crazy at all. Her past, her future–it all comes back to the Hourglass and her strange connection with Michael. If Emerson can make sense of the secrets and get at the truth about her visions it might change everything for both of them. (Be sure to pick up the other two books in the trilogy Timepiece and Infinityglass.)
  8. For Darkness Shows the Stars by Diana Peterfreund: Four years ago Elliot chose caring for her family estates and those directly affected by the Reduction above all else. The choice was absolute and, she thought, irrevocable. Now, having spent four years thinking of everything keeping her on the estates and everything she has sacrificed for them, Elliot has another choice to make. (Be sure to also check out the companion novel Across a Star-Swept Sea!)
  9. The Shadow Society by Marie Rutkoski: Conn McCrea is both fascinating and frightening as he insinuates himself into Darcy Jones’ life. As she gets to know Conn she also begins to discover strange truths about herself and a world that shouldn’t exist–a world where the Great Chicago Fire never happened and creatures called Shades have created an organization called the Shadow Society intent on eliminating humans. Darcy always wanted to be part of something, to belong somewhere. But she may have more than she bargained for with Conn and infiltrating the Shades.
  10. Pivot Point by Kasie West: When faced with a choice Addie can Search her future and see both outcomes for any given decision. One Search six weeks in the future should be more than enough to help her decide which parent to live with. In one future Addie can find true love and happiness while in the other there is a promise of popularity and excitement. But in either Search there is also something much more dangerous and the potential for a terrible loss. At a crossroad that will change everything, Addie will have to decide what she is willing to live through and who she is willing to lose. (Be sure to also pick up the sequel Split Second!)
Those are ten of my all-time favorite romantic fantasies. Are any on your list?
Seriously, how great is that post?! I’m not even a big fantasy fan and I’m running to Goodreads and adding them to my shelves!
A big THANK YOU to Emma/Miss Print for always participating in my blog features, and for really a truly great post! Readers, be sure to check out Emma’s fantastic blog Miss Print!