Synchronized Reading: Even in Paradise


Even In Paradise by Chelsey Philpot (Advanced copy from publisher at BEA14)

Charlotte Ryder has her entire junior year at St. Anne’s mapped out. When she’s not in class she’ll spend as much free time in the art studio, crafting and creating what she hopes to makes a livelihood out of. She’ll spend as much time with the people who know her best – her roommate and friends.

But when Charlotte meets Julia Buchanan all her plans seem to unravel.  Through Julia, Charlotte is introduced to a world beyond St. Anne’s. She’s introduced to the Buchanan’s world where money and secrets run rampant.

But the more Charlotte’s gets to know her new friend, she more she sees that Julia isn’t the vivacious girl who’s full of confidence. Instead she’s a shell of a girl hiding the secrets of a Devastating family tragedy.

Through Julia Charlotte leArns that nothing is ever perfect , not Even in Paradise.

Even In Paradise, written by author Chelsey Philpot, is an enthralling yet loose retelling of Evelyn Waugh’s Brideshead Revisited. This modern take on a classic will easily capture and captivate readers.

Philpot’s writing is simply beautiful. Strong, Even in Paradise is full of lush descriptions that will easily allow readers to be transported into the heart of the story. And the characters that fill the pages are honest, flawed, and brimming with secrets just waiting to be revealed.

Charlotte, Even in Paradise’s leading lady, is a shining example of what a main character is. She’s strong and secure, Even when life, love, and friendships seem to be crumbling around her. She’s the kind of character where readers can see and relate to the transformation. But above all of those things, she’s the kind of character the readers will root for.

And then there’s Julia Buchanan — Charlotte’s complete opposite.  Where Charlotte will keep you grounded, two feet firmly planted in reality, Julia will cast her spell on readers. You will be swept up and away, and made to feel as if you yourself are a part of the Buchanan clan.

There is a lot to love about Philpot’s debut novel. Personally I loved how this Brideshead Revisited retelling has all the feel and the glamor of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby. I loved how this book make me think about the relationships I have and hold so dear. I love how this book solely focused on female friendship and the importance of building  each other up instead of tearing us down.

Seriously, read this book! There is something for every reader — there is mystery, there’s humor, there’s even a hint of budding romance. Even In Paradise is a great reads, you will not be disappointed.

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