The Boys of Summer With Andi from Andi’s ABCs



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Hello Readers!

For today’s Boys of Summer post, I’m hosting someone who isn’t a stranger here on the BookBandit Blot. In fact, she has appeared here on the blog for previous posts. If you can’t guess, it’s Andi from Andi’s ABCs.

Andi is an awesome blogger with a great fashion sense! So it wouldn’t be here if she didn’t combine the two things she loves most: books and clothes!


The best thing about reading is the swoons. I have said it once and I will say it a million times, there is nothing I love more in a good book than a romance that makes my tummy flip with excitement. There are a lot of great books out there that have given me this awesome feeling, but there are 5 boys that I swoon over even just thinking about them. These 5 boys are my favorite book boyfriends (so much so in fact that I have read the books they are in at least 2 times each).

Since these 5 boys have such different personalities I decided I would show you what I think their main gals would wear on a date with them based on the activity they would do.


Etienne would definitely take his girl Anna to her favorite place in the whole world, the movies. Since Anna is a movie critic he would totally understand her need to have a notebook so she could jot down what she was thinking after the film is over. And since Etienne is vertically challenged Anna would wear flats to not give him a complex. And the shirt is so her it isn’t even funny.

nicole2Ah, Theo James, er, um, Four.  My hot, gruff guy. Since he and Tris always seem to get into trouble, they really wouldn’t be able to do much on a date just in case. It would be practical for Tris to wear clothes that can move because most likely they will end up running from some authority figure because they did one thing or another. And since all Dauntless wear black (and I still had trouble seeing Theo, er, um, Four in color in Insurgent) black it is.


Matt Finch, the country cutie that you must call by his first and last name. Since Reagan has a style that is very much less country I think she would make a kind of compromise when Matt Finch takes her to a country show. She would wear cowboy boots, but black ones paired with a short dress and leather jacket. And of course she would have her camera and expensive bag/case that Dee bought her.


By far the fanciest date would be with Tamlin. Since these 5 boys have such different personalities I decided I would show you what I think their main gals would wear on a date with them based on the activity they would do.

And Feyre’s. Funny thing is they would never leave his mansion, but it would still be black tie all the way. I recently got to dress Feyre and Tamlin on my blog for a post and had found so many dresses for Feyre. When I came across this one I knew it was a winner for her date with the sexy fae lord.


I will admit that although I love Jeremiah Brown with a passion, I would HATE this date. I do not run…like ever. But I picked the outfit with Annie as the one wearing it and there is no doubt in my mind that they would have a running date.  Having been dating Jere for a while Annie has picked up some of his more quirky habits and would totally wear this shirt he gave her. And even though wearing a necklace while running might not be the best of ideas, she would have to wear a lightning bolt necklace that he gave her (I totally need this scene to happen!) because she never takes it off.

So there you have it, my book boyfriend and what their gals would wear on a date.

Thanks for having me Nicole. It was fun.


No, THANK YOU Andi for taking part in this feature! I love your post, and I know all of my dear readers will love this post too!

For more info about Andi be sure to check her out at Andi’s ABCs — you will not be disappointed!