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Hello Readers!

Today, I will be posting a review about a book that, not only do I love, but one that I feel would make a perfect summer read! And that book is …

Kissing in America by Margo Rabb


When Eva’s father died two years ago, Eva’s life was turned upside down. Since then her mother has thrown herself into her work and into a new relationship. Eva, in the meantime, has taken to reading trashy romance novels. To be exact, in the two years since her father’s death Eva has read one hundred and eighteen of them, much to her feminist mother’s dismay. And because of them, Eva’s head is chock full of romantic fantasies.

And then she meets Will – the boy who seems to fulfill all of those fantasies.  Will is only tall, dark, and handsome – he seems to genuinely understand Eva from the inside out.  So when he tells her that he’s moving clear across the country to Los Angeles, Eva is practically devastated.

That is until she devises a plan for her and best friend Annie to travel from New York to Los Angeles by bus to, not only meet up with Will and cement their romance, but to take part in a game show.

Will taking a risk on love be worth it? Or will Eva realize that love is only found within the pages of her beloved romance novels?

Kissing in America, written by author Margo Rabb, is a contemporary romance that explores love, loss, friendship, and everything in between.

Kissing in America is a great read. Rabb’s writing is simply divine. She excels at not just telling a story, but showing one. With vivid descriptions, exceptionally crafted characters, and a realistic plot readers will easily see the story unfold before their eyes. Beyond that they will easily connect and relate to it as well.

And speaking of exceptionally crafted characters … main characters Eva is a true main character. Not only will readers cheer for her, but they will also see themselves within her. She is flawed, but honestly so.  She is strong, even in moments of weakness. And beyond that, what makes her a truly exceptional character is how reader’s are present to witness Eva’s growth and transition throughout the book. But Eva isn’t the only great character. Annie, Eva’s best friend and sidekick, is just as exceptional.  She is smart, she’s strong, and beyond that she’s the kind of character that reader’s can look up to.

At it’s core, this contemporary read is a romance. Like the 118 romance novels Eva has read it’s full of swoon worthy boys and overwhelming emotions. Yes! It will make you feel all the feels. But Kissing In America is smart and realistic romance that shows the ups and the downs of falling head over heels in love with the boy of your dreams.

And as if this wasn’t enough … it’s a road trip book! And readers, you know just how much I LOVE a road trip book!  As Eva is exploring the possibility of a budding romance, readers get to travel the country alongside her and Annie. As a reader, you too will get to visit all those far off states .. like Texas!

Words cannot truly express just how much I really loved this book. It was a book that offered so much for all kinds of readers. There is a little of something for every reader between the pages. Kissing in America will not let you down!

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