The Boys of Summer with Author Rebecca Serle


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Today is a very special Boys of Summer post! Today is the day that I am featuring author Rebecca Serle. For those of you who do not know her, Rebecca is the author of many amazing books. Her most recent book, Famous In Love, is sizzling hot. Between the covers there are swoon worthy boys set against a beautiful Hawaiian backdrop, and quite possible the best love triangle I have ever read!

So, yeah … Rebecca knows a thing or two  of summer romances! And today she is here on the blog talking all about summer romances, swoon worthy characters, and what goes into creating the perfect romance with a real heart-throb!


It’s getting hot in here…so let’s turn the page!

Hey Guys! I’ve been told to write about swoon-worthy summer boys and frankly, there’s nothing I’d rather do (except have them put sunscreen on my back, maybe).  My third novel, FAMOUS IN LOVE, (and it’s sequel TRULY MADLY FAMOUSLY—out October!) features not one but two swoony boys. Meet Rainer Devon and Jordan Wilder—the two moviestar leading men battling it out for my heroine, Paige Townsen’s, heart. Rough life! Not only does she have these two hunks making out with her on (and off!) screen, but she’s also shooting a movie with them in Hawaii.

While you may think it’s all sand and surf and salty kisses, think again. Creating seamless romantic reads is anything but easy. In fact, one of the hardest things about novel writing is ensuring that the romantic arch feel organic and seamless. It takes a lot of work to hide all those strings! Not only does the plot of their romantic need to feel authentic, but we also have to make sure every move each one of them makes rings true to their character. A swoony scene in only swoony if it has been earned! Tension is key, and tension takes work to both build and maintain.

That being said, the author controls some but not all of it. There are characters who sometimes actually move whole passages and chapters around so they can be  together. Exhibit A: Jordan and Paige. From the moment I created Jordan, and he showed up on set, he wanted to be close to Paige. It was nearly impossible for me to keep those two apart. If they’re in a scene, they demand to be close to one another. I am a slave to their chemistry.

The relationship between Rainer and Paige is much more intentioned—and in fact,
that’s why I love it so much. It took a lot of careful crafting (and revision!) to get  their romance to read the way it does. Their relationship is not just based on hormones (although they have plenty of those). There is real deep trust there, and that took a lot of the narrative to develop.

So, you see, there are many ways to create swoony connections. The most important thing is to stay open! As a writer our job is to listen to our characters, and allow  them to help us do our work. And if everyone ends up making out on beach towels underneath a full Hawaii moon? Well, then, we’ll call it a success.

Happy Reading!

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You guys you seriously have to read Famous in Love! And all of Rebecca’s books because she’s simply awesome! For more information about her and all the books she has written be sure to check her out!

I just want to send out a big THANK YOU to Rebecca for taking the time out of her (very) busy schedule to write this awesome piece for the Boys of Summer feature. I can’t express how happy I am to have featured you here on the BookBandit Blog!