The Boys of Summer With Kayla from The Thousand Lives



Hello Readers!

When the guest posts started rolling in for this little feature I put together, I was super excited about all of the posts. But today’s post  was one I have been super excited to share with you. Kayla from The Thousand Lives has put together quite possibly the most unique post I’ve ever read!

Today, Kayla’s post will quench, not only your love of books and swoon-worthy characters, but also your thirst!


When Nicole approached me to do a guest post for the Boys of Summer, I was absolutely thrilled! If I love anything, it’s swoony books set in the summertime. Part of it is a synesthesia thing for me, since these books always make me see bright, happy colors, but the other part is simply because I love escaping into these books! California weather is weird – right now, as I write this post, it’s in the 60s and all gloomy outside, but by the time it posts I’m sure we’ll be in the 100s! So when the weather swings back and forth, I can always count on my books to be consistently sunny AND swoony!

In a perfect world, *cough* in a well ordered universe *cough*, I’d always have access to a pool and a lounge chair where I could read all my favorite summery books. And what best to accompany that? A nice, cold drink! Now I’m sure a margarita or whatever other fancy alcoholic drink is available would be great with these books, but until I’m legal in a year I won’t really know about that. SO these will all be “kid-friendly” stuff, but I suppose y’all could spice them up 😉

I’ve come up with six book/drink pairs – these are some of my favorite summer books and I highly recommend ALL of them!


Breathe, Annie, Breathe with mint and cucumber infused water.

First of all, when I even picture trying to run, I know I’ll need something really crisp that’ll keep me going. Mix in a marathon, and you’ll need gallons of this stuff!

Besides the running thing, there’s also the romance. It starts out fast and then slows down, but it’s full of newness, hope, and healing, and the freshness of the cucumbers remind me of that aspect of the book.

Everything Leads to You with iced coffee.

This book is absolutely amazing in every single way. There really isn’t anything else I can say about it! The romance was cute, but not overpowering, and Em is just an awesome main character. Plus, the set-decorating and Hollywood vibe was PERFECT. I can totally see Em running around to and from estate sales while sipping iced coffee. Of course, she’d spice it up a bit with some flavored syrup – any flavor she wanted, but I prefer hazelnut.

My Life Next Door with Coke and Sprite.

All right, this one is a bit of my own personal taste in soda. My Life Next Door is really simple and down to earth, and what better to accompany it than a Coke? But it’s also really bright, so I like adding in just a bit of Sprite to give it a sweeter taste. (I should mention that I do this with Diet Coke – I’m sure regular coke is sweet enough on its own)

Since You’ve Been Gone with a Shirley Temple.

It’s been a while since I’ve had one of these, but they were always a favorite of mine in the summer. My parents (and adopted second set of parents) love this Mexican restaurant in old town, and as kids we would let them chat for hours while sipping our Shirley Temples and trying to tie up the cherry stems with our tongues. Since You’ve Been Gone reminds me of traditions, friendships, and even a bit of adventure! So of course, Shirley Temples are in order.

Open Road Summer with peach green tea.

This is another personal favorite drink of mine, and it fits SO well with ORS! Green tea is kind of bitter and hard to swallow at first, much like Reagan, but it’s tempered by the peach syrup, much like Dee! And of course, it’s iced tea, because apparently that’s what they do in the South.

The Summer of Chasing Mermaids with a watermelon-strawberry smoothie.

The Summer of Chasing Mermaids is a thicker texture for me – it takes longer to drink, and you have to really take your time with it to get all the flavors and experience. It’s exactly like this book: a bit dense, but in the end totally addicting, not to mention the sweetness with the romance!

So what do you think? Any book/drink combinations you’d like to try?


Seriously, such a great post! I’m sending out a big THANK YOU to Kayla for participating in this feature. I know all of my dear readers will adore this post as much as I do! I think I’m going to have to try one of these pairings during these hot summer days!

Readers, make sure you check Kayla and her blog The Thousand Lives out! She and her blog are awesome!