The Boys of Summer With Katrina From Bookish Things & More


Hello Readers!

It’s getting hot in here! Or at least it will be after reading todays Boys of Summer post! Today, I’m very pleased to be hosting Katrina! Katrina is one of the fabulous bloggers over at Bookish Things & More! 

Today, Katrina will be talking about some great New Adult (NA) titles, and some hot, swoon-worthy characters!


Summer is finally here!  I know most of us have had a rainy or cold year so far.  It’s time for us to pull out those swimsuits, grab a towel, and head down to the beach with our favorite read.  Well, I don’t live near a beach, so it will be poolside for me.

I’m excited to be a part of these feature, and today I’ll be introducing you, if you don’t already know, to the swoony guys from Rosemary Beach.  The Rosemary Beach series is written by Abbi Glines and takes place in Florida.  Here you will find some of the swooniest men that want nothing more than to treat their ladies like a queen.


First up on this list is Rush Finlay.  He is the son of a Rock god, and a little rough around the edges when you first meet him.  By the end of the book he’ll have you wrapped around his finger.  He’s compassionate, gives when he can, and completely devoted to those he loves.  You can follow his story with Blaire in Fallen Too FarNever Too FarForever Too Far, and Rush Too Far.  


Woods Kerrington is the next in line to take over the town’s country club.  He’s adorable, and finds himself fascinated with Della.  He meets her by chance and can’t get her out of his head.  He’s willing to do whatever he has to help Della, and he has a great group of friends surrounding him.  He may not always go about things in a way that you hope, but he more than makes up for it with his selflessness.  And he definitely knows how to get hot in the bedroom.  You can read more about Woods in Twisted Perfection and Simple Perfection.


Grant is Rush’s step-brother removed.  He is close to Rush, and depends on him for guidance at times.  He makes some ridiculous choices, and you’ll see about those when you read the book.  He’s willing to move mountains in order to show the woman he loves his feelings.  He’s rugged, and ridiculously handsome.  His story begins with Take a Chance and ends with One More Chance.


What can I say about Tripp Newark.  He’s an absolute rebel.  He doesn’t conform to the role his family wants for him.  He’s a nomad, and never stays in one place for long.  We get a tiny glimpse of him in Woods and Della’s story, but he definitely needed his own story.  He’s trying to make up for past mistakes, and looks good doing it.  Check out more about Tripp in You Were Mine.


Last but not least, we have have Mason Colt-Manning.  He is Harlow’s brother and a Texas Cowboy.  He adores his sister, and will do anything for her.  He also is just a nice guy in general.  He helps people without wanting anything in return.  Naturally he does everything big, including love.  There’s not much he wouldn’t do for the woman who captures his heart.  His sweet demeanor is definitely a great addition to the Rosemary Beach group.  His story begins with When I’m Gone.

These guys definitely know how to turn up the heat on those cool summer nights!

Katrina, THANK YOU so much for participating in this Boys of Summer feature. And Thank You for introducing, not just The BookBadnit Blog reader to Abbi Glines, but also for introducing her and her books to me!
Readers, be sure to check out Katrina and her blog Bookish Things & More! You will not be disappointed!