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Today is a very special day here on The BookBandit Blog. It’s the first official post in my The Boys of Summer feature! And I’m super excited because today’s post is from Andi from Just A Broke Bookworm.

Andi and I became friends via Twitter, and not only is her blog a must read, but she, herself is awesome! Make sure you check her out!


Oliver: The Boy Who Made Me Swoon Too Hard
From Robin Benway’s Emmy and Oliver.

I am not the type of girl to swoon. In fact, it’s very rare that I feel so strongly connected to a book boy to swoon. So when Nicole offered me a spot on this feature, it took me a long time to think of a boy I thought swoon-worth enough. I wracked my brain to think of a boy who made me feel any feels other than, meh. He was an okay character … I had just finished reading Emmy and Oliver  by Robin Benway. Recently, I’ve been getting into more and more contemporary and it still scares me. (If you want to see my review itself, go ahead and click the link). This was my first experience with Benway, so her humor and heart really caught me off guard. I really adored this book. However the character who stole the show for me is Oliver.

13132816 Oliver was taken when he was in 3rd grade. He was kidnapped by his father. Then, after years of searching he is found in a fingerprinting database. When he comes back, his whole life is different. His mother has remarried and has twin girls. She never gave up looking for her son. However, Oliver struggles with readjusting to his life. There to help him is his next door neighbor and childhood best friend, Emmy. Emmy is there for Oliver through everything, and of course, romance blooms.  (This was my first attempt at a book summary, I hope I did okay!)

Oliver seems so well-adjusted. But, what drew me to him was that he isn’t. He isn’t perfect. He has all of this attention heaped on him, being a returned kidnapped child. He doesn’t enjoy the attention or relish in the fact that he’s this media circus basically everywhere he goes. He doesn’t remember much of his life before he was taken, but he has Emmy, Caro, and Drew to help him acclimate to his new/old life.

Oliver struggles. I mean, imagine thinking your life is one way, then absolutely everything you’ve ever known shifts into something unknown and alien. He struggles a lot with where he fits in with his family, his over protective mother (I mean, can you blame her? He got taken from her and now she has him back), and with people who claim to know him who he can’t remember. This book is the perfect summer book. It takes place in Southern California and Emmy is an avid surfer. Emmy takes Oliver surfing in one scene and shows him how freeing and wonderful it is to be out in the water with nothing but waves for company. This is the first big breakthrough for Oliver.

With all of the crazy stuff he’s going through, Oliver still maintains his sense of humor. There are parts that are raw and emotional. I am not one to cry  because of a book, but this one definitely made me have tears in my face. What Oliver goes through is so heartbreaking, but it’s also very empowering. Watching him grow and find his place was one of my favorite things about this book.

Why is Oliver swoon-worthy? Well, on the most basic level, he’s super hot. On a deeper level, there’s something to be said about a dude who is 1, adjusting to a life he can’t even remember while 2, being the sweetest person on the planet. I’m convinced Oliver doesn’t have a bad bone in his body. He made me laugh, he made me cry, and yes … he made me swoon. I hope you fall in love with Oliver, too.


Andi, to answer your question, you did better than okay with that summary! I know I can’t wait to read Emmy & Oliver, and I’m sure that all of you readers can’t wait after reading why Andi loves Oliver so!

A big THANK YOU to Andi for participating and for taking part in the Boys of Summer feature! Readers, make sure to check out Just a Broke Bookworm!