BEA15 Recap: Part II




Day two of BEA15 held a lot of promise. It was going to be an extra long day, but one I knew would be a memorable one.

Day two started off earlier than anticipated. Emma and I found ourselves awake, dressed, and at the Javits center before 7:30 AM. We were there because we were fortunate enough to both be invited to the Harliquin Teen Author Breakfast.



The breakfast was a lot of fun. Not only did we get to see and even meet the authors on hand – Katie McGarry, Adi Alsaid, Jennifer Armentrout, and Eleanor Herman – but we also got to meet other bloggers, members of the Harlequin team, and we had the chance to chat – talk books (what we were excited about and what they were excited about). And there was food! Food in my opinion always makes everything better!


This was a particularly special event for me. Why? Because it was the first time I was invited to something like this. So a big THANK YOU to the Harlequin Team, for not just inviting me, but hosting such a fantastic event!

From the Harlequin Teen Author Breakfast Emma and I made a mad dash for the line into the Exhibit Hall. Even though Wednesdsay’s line seemed long, Thursday’s line seemed longer for some reason. Maybe because it was the first full day. But honestly, I think it was all the excitement of the possibility of getting a copy of Passenger by Alexandra Bracken.


BEA wouldn’t be BEA without her, so Emma and I were both very happy to see her there. And obviously her line was a high priority!

As soon as the Exhibit Hall floor opened, I dashed over to the Disyney-Hyperion booth and planted myself in the already long, snaking line. From the point where I was standing, it seemed that we were easily 100 + people deep. And yes, this worried me. There were only “200-ish” copies on hand.  Seriously, the line was so deep I couldn’t even see the booth in which she was going to be signing at.


The worst part of this line was the waiting. I was so, so excited about Passenger and getting to me Alexandra Bracken that it was almost torturous. But we chatted with the folks around us, took a line selfie:


(Picture courtesy of Emma, Miss Print)

And I even had the chance to meet one of the YouTubers I frequently watch! Yes! I met Jesse the Reader!


After chatting and picture snapping I was finally at the front of the line. I could see Passenger and Alexandra Bracken! And my excitement level was at an all time high. I didn’t think I could be any more excited, but I found out later on that day that it was possible.



(Picture courtesy of Emma, Miss Print)

As always Alexandra Bracken was awesome! She was so sweet, and so thankful for everyone who was there for her. She’s a true rock star!

After the Bracken excitement, Emma and I headed to Little Brown for the drop of Jennifer E. Smith’s upcoming Hello, Goodbye, and Everything in Between. As much as I wanted to make it to her signing, realistically I knew it was impossible. You see, she was signing the same time Libba Bray was. And for me personally, Libba Bray will ALWAYS be top priority! We walked about the floor for a few minutes, taking our time over to the Autographing area.

Both Emma and I had a list of priority authors we wanted to meet. Most of our lists reflected each others, but at this point in the day, they did not. Emma was heading to Susane Colasanti’s line to meet Susane and have her sign a copy of her series opener, City Love. I had already read City Love, and really wanted to meet Kate Scelsa. So we parted ways for the time being – but we weren’t that far apart! Seriously we were a line or two apart.

I was able to meet Kate, and she was AWESOME! It’s always nice to meet a fellow Jersey girl! Her book, Fans of the Impossible Life, is a total “Nicole” book, so I was over the moon happy to get the chance to not only get a signed arc, but to chat for a moment or two with this new author!


Oh, and did I mention she has cool hair?! Cause, she does!

After Kate’s line, I bounced over to the line for Sarah Mlynowski and E. Lockhart. They were signing copies of their upcoming co-written (Lauren Myracle is also a writer on this one too!) middle grade Upside Down Magic. I normally don’t read a lot of middle grade, but because I love these authors so I knew it was a must for me! And to my surprise the line wasn’t incredibly long!


(I’m so sad Sarah’s eyes were closed)

Emma and I met up and made our way to Carolyn Mackler’s line. She was signing copies of her upcoming YA title Infinite In Between.  I haven’t read any of Carolyn Mackler’s books before, but after reading up about this one, I am definitely intrigued to read more. And knowing Emma is a fan, I’m sure I’ll love her book!

Carolyn Mackler was so sweet, and down to Earth. It’s hard to believe that she said she thought no one would come to her signing! I mean, even me a person who hasn’t read her work knew that there would be a long line just teeming with excitement to meet her.


After meeting Carolyn, Emma and I were able to squeeze in a quick lunch break. And boy was it needed. It was nice to just sit, chat a bit, and prepare for the afternoon ahead of us. And for me, that lunch break was needed! I woke up with a terrible migraine that morning, and had continued to battle it though out the morning.

After eating, and taking some Advil it was time to head over to Little Brown’s booth for Libba Bray’s signing. She was signing Lair of Dreams, the follow up to one of my most favorite books The Diviners. We knew, going into this, that this line was going to be massive. And it was! So massive that it wrapped outside of the exhibit hall. But honestly, it was worth it!


While on line, still suffering from that nasty migraine, I decided that it would be best if I were to just sit, wait, and pass up any drops or other signings that were going on. But I didn’t want to hold Emma back, after all it was her BEA too! So I was our official place holder while she bounced around hitting all the signings she wanted to get to. While on line, holding my own and Emma’s place I started chatting with the very friendly girl behind me. Melissa, it was so nice to meet you, and chat with you! It turned out Melissa and I would find ourselves on several lines together.

And then this is where things get CRAZY! Libba’s line didn’t more for an hour.  At the hour mark it inched very … slowly along.  By the the one hour and twenty minute mark things started to speed up. And Emma was at the complete opposite side of the Javits Center! I told her that I think she should come back. As as I moved along I started frantically texting her “GET BACK NOW!!!!”



Emma made it back just in time! And yes, Lair of Dreams is a real thing! It’s out there in the world and I am so happy to have it in my possession! Libba is fabulous! She was so sweet, and so upbeat it’s hard not to be excited around her!


With Lair of Dreams secured, nothing else Thursday was a priority for me. Emma and I made an executive decision to say so long to Book Expo for the day and head back to her place where we would relax and spend some time with her mom!

And we needed to relax because only in a few short hours Emma and I would be going to Strand’s Rare Book Room for the Macmillan/Fierce Reads Blogger Happy Hour!

Getting to the Strand was easy peasy, or so we thought it would be. Seems that a man hole exploded and the main entrance to the store was blocked us, forcing us to go in through the side entrance.


We strolled the Strand for a few moments, mainly trying to figure out exactly how to get to the Rare book Room since it was closed to the public, and how to get around the police caution/do not block tape outside.  But a store manager saved the day, and led us dutifully up to the Rare Books Room which, by the way is BEAUTIFUL! It’s seriously every book lovers dream!


This was such a GREAT event! Now, I’m not normally a social person. I tend to keep to myself or my group of friends. But I found myself being quite the social butterfly. I’m sure it was because of all the excitement, how genuinely nice and inviting everyone there was, and because we had the chance to talk with some awesome authors.


Lelia Sales, Josephine Angelini, Leigh Bardugo, Sandy Hall, and Marissa Meyer were all there, mingling, mixing, and chatting with us bloggers!

The MacMillan team that I met that night were all awesome! It was so nice getting to know what books they love, getting book recs from them, and chatting about BEA and life in general.  The night started with chatting with Sandy Hall. Guys! She’s so cool! And super nice! I really have to read her book!

After chatting with one of the many publicists there, we were chatting about if there was anyone who we were excited to me. And big mouth over here didn’t hesitate to blurt out Leila Sales. Emma, after reading This Song Will Save Your Life, urged me to read this book. I did. And you know what … I LOVED it! I haven’t found a book like it since, and I doubt I ever will.

It was awesome getting to talk to Lelia, sharing stories and even stepping into the Fierce Reads photo booth with her!


Not only did I get the chance to meet some great publicists and authors, but I got to meet and chat with some great bloggers as well! I met Hannah from The Irish Banana, Alexa from Alexa Loves Books, Nicole from YA Interrobang , Hannah from IndieWriterGirl , Sajda from Across The Words, Meg & Kassiah from Swoony Boys Podcast , and probably many, many more that I’m forgetting because I have a terrible memory.


We also got to hang out with Cecelia! Which is always a BEA highlight!

And that’s a wrap for Day 2 of BEA15!

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