The Chapel Wars

The Chapel Wars by Lindsey Leavitt


When Grandpa Jim dies, the last thing his sixteen year old granddaughter Holly expects is to inherit his legacy — The Rose of Shannon Wedding Chapel. Located on the Las Vegas strip, wedding chapels are a dime a dozen, but none are like The Rose of Shannon. You won’t find any of the Las Vegas staples – no cheap gimmicks and no cheesy Elvis impersonators.  No way! No how!

Even though Holly is young, and her parents don’t necessarily understand or agree with Grandpa Jim’s decision, Holly is determined to keep the Rose of Shannon up and running.

But what she doesn’t know is exactly what it’s going to take. Inheriting the chapel means inheriting all of the problems that Grandpa Jim kept hidden. And one of those problems is the ongoing feud with the neighboring wedding chapel.

Little does Holly know that Grandpa Jim had a plan, and that plan involves befriending Dax – the grandson of Grandpa Jim’s moral enemy. Through Dax, Holly learns about the chapel business, she learns about life, and she learns about love.

The Chapel Wars, written by author Lindsey Leavitt, is a contemporary read that will have reader’s hearts simultaneously crushed and soaring!

Leavitt’s writing is simply enchanting. From the very first paragraph to the very last, readers will instantly be hooked! Her descriptive writing won’t only keep reader’s entertain, it will also keep readers invested in Holly’s story. Besides being well written, what makes The Chapel Wars stand out among so many other books are the characters!

Leading lady Holly is an exceptional character. Realistically created, she is the kind of character that readers will easily see a bit of themselves within. On a personal noting I connected with Holly instantly. I understood her heartbreak and I embraced the emotional roller-coast she was on. Holly is smart, self-assured, and most of all she loves as fiercely as she fights!

But Holly isn’t the only well crafted character. Holly’s co-stars – from her quirky family to her male counterpart Dax – were all great. And yes, if you must know, Dax is totally swoon-worthy!

The Chapel Wars is layered and complex. Leavitt explores themes of grief, family struggles, and budding romance — tough subjects, all of which were explored with grace and brutal honesty. Within the pages, there is something for every reader. Seriously, it’s a must read in my opinion!

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