Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Authors I’d Like to Meet (Or Rather, Top Ten Authors I’ve Met!)


Hello Readers!

Today’s top ten Tuesday post is going to be a really fun post. Today, instead of sharing the top ten authors I’d like to meet, I’m going to talk about the top ten authors I’ve already met. I’ve been very lucky! Living so close to NYC has allowed me to meet many of my favorite authors.

So below, in no particular order, these are the top ten author’s I have met, and have had a great time meeting!

Oliver Jeffers


I’m an insanely huge Oliver Jeffers fan! So getting the chance to, not only meet him, but snap a picture with him, is a real highlight of my life so far. I mean I met him easily over two years ago and I still talk about it as if it happened yesterday. Miss Print can attest to this.

Ransom Riggs

photo 3-1

After waiting in line at Yallfest to meet Ransom Riggs for quite some time, and after finding out that he was unfortunately sick I was one upset fan. But I knew eventually I’d get to meet the man behind Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children. So when I found out that he would be visiting Brooklyn, my bestie Danielle and I trekked over to the wilds of Brooklyn and had the awesome opportunity to, not only meet Ransom, but to hear his great stories.

Stephanie Perkins

IMG_0224 IMG_3024

Stephanie Perkins is one of my most fave authors — of all times! And I’ve had the chance to meet her, not once or twice, but several times already. The top picture is when I first met Stephanie at Books of Wonder at one of their annual mega signings. The bottom is the most recent – at last year’s Yallfest. Not only does she write some fantastic books, but she is honestly super sweet!

Holly Black


The first time I met author Holly Black I was in grad school. Her and author Libba Bray visited one of my classes to talk with us students about genre, writing, and books. It was one of the most memorable classes I’ve ever been in. I met Holly Black several other times, but for some reason never had the chance to document it. Until last year’s Book Expo America where Holly was signing advanced copies of The Darkest Part of the Forest. You can tell my that big cheesy grin just how big a Holly Black fan I am!

Kiera Cass

photo 3-18IMG_3008

Kiera Cass is a real delight to meet! She’s super sweet, and her signings are always fun. Or at least the two that I’ve been to. And even greater than her books – her hair bows! Seriously, I wish I could rock a hair bow half as well as she can!

Tara Altebrando


The first time I met Tara was several years ago when she was signing at Books of Wonder. She was signing Dreamland Social Club. A book that, I didn’t know that, would come to be so vastly important to me. Since reading I haven’t had a stronger connection with any other book. Since that, I’ve been a fan of Tara’s and I will remain one!

Rainbow Rowell


Do I really need to explain? It’s Rainbow Rowell … you all know how awesome she is!

Lauren Oliver


I feel like I always miss Lauren Oliver when she’s signing in my general area. Besides at Yallfest I met her one other time before at Books of Wonder but didn’t have a chance to snap a pic with her (because it was CRAZY!). I was glad to have the chance to, not only snap a pic with her, but to chat with her for a few minutes.

Neil Gaiman

IMG_0907Seriously this was by far the absolute craziest signing I have EVER been too. I waited no less that seven hours for my chance to meet Neil Gaiman. Getting to meet him was – as cheesy as it sounds – an inspiration.

Sarah Dessen

IMG_3001What can I say about Sarah Dessen. She’s YA royalty. And besides that she’s the absolute nicest person … ever. At this point, when I had taken this picture, she had been signing for at least an hour, and every fan that she met she greeted with a big smile!

So, yeah, like I said I’ve been lucky!

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