The Hunger Games is Coming to NYC (Kind Of)

Hello Readers!

I not so recently realized that I possess little to no knowledge of middle grade fiction. I want to change that. Now if you are like me, you can simply ask one of your well read co-workers/colleagues, but if not you could check out HelloGiggles! They’ve composed a list of middle grade books that you should re-read (or if you’re like me read) as an adult. 

I’m sure all of you readers, book lovers, and Gayle Forman fans probably already know this. But in case you don’t — get excited! Gayle Forman’s latest book I Was Here will be made into a movie! Because you know I’m a sucker for movies based on books, I have to read this one and read it soon.

As a reader I obviously love bookmarks. And I’m sure all of you understand that love. But aren’y you sick of the plain old bookmarks? If so, check out some clever (and not to mention super cute) bookmarks! 

Not only am I a sucker for movies based on books, but I am also a sucker for Buzzfeed Quizzes. This one is a lot of fun! (YES! I took the quiz myself, and I got Jo March — I could definitely live with that!)

Calling all Hunger Games fans: this is happening! And you bet that Miss Print and I will be checking it out!

This is kinda cool.

Fiction versus Reality: Boy Edition.