Let’s Get Lost

Let’s Get Lost by Adi Alsaid (eARC received throughEdelweiss)


Hudson is a small town boy who has one goal: to get out of the small town. With a full scholarship within his reach, Hudson hopes that becoming a doctor, fulfilling not only his hopes and dreams but also his father’s. And he knows he has what it takes.  But when Leila, a vivacious beauty with a beat up red car rolls into his father’s mechanic shop, Hudson questions everything – who he is, who he wants to be, and even his dreams. Through Leila, Hudson starts to realize the importance of, not just dreams, but being content and happy in the here and now.
When Bree’s parents died, the life she once lived died with them. Now a teenage runaway, Bree struggles daily. She struggles with finding her place within the world, she struggles to survive in it, but more than that she struggles with the death of her parents.  But than she meets Leila, the girl who knows more about what Bree is going through, than she let’s on. Leila shows Bree friendship, and because of it Bree starts to realize that she needs people, she needs her family – even though she’s pushed them all away. But will Bree be brave enough to return to the life she had, before her parents died?
Elliot is an idealist. He believe everyone should be in love. He believes that everyone deserves a picturesque happy ending.  But sometimes, he doesn’t believe in his own beliefs. Elliot is in love … with his best friend. His best friend who doesn’t even know Elliot exists romantically. Enter Leila, this whirlwind of a girl who urges Elliot to hold tight to those ideal beliefs, and who urges him to risk everything for love. But will Elliot listen to this perfect stranger? Will he take the risk and make his romantic fantasies a reality?
Sonia does not believe in love. Not anymore. She knows what it’s like to be in love – madly, deeply, passionately in love. But when she loses her boyfriend, Sonia also know what it’s like to lose that love. Lost and not sure how to move on, Leila enters Sonia’s life at just the right time.  Leila offers Sonia more than just friendship, she offers her love. But will it be enough to give Sonia the strength to move on with her life, and to find the love that’s out there waiting?

div>When Leila sets out in her beat up red car, she only sets out to catch a glimpse of the Northern Lights. But driving from Louisiana to Alaska Leila get the chance to, not only give some life lessons, but to receive some also. Like the many people she meets along the way, Leila too is running from and questioning the happenings of her life. And through those people, she finds the strength to face all that she fears.

Let’s Get Lost, written by author Adi Alsaid, is a contemporary debut that will take readers on a road trip full of twists, turns, and high emotions.
Alsaid’s writing is strong. His way with words will draw readers in. And his vivid descriptions of the characters and the places visited along they way will capture and engage readers. As a reader, I fully appreciated how Alsaid focused on journey – not just the physical, but also the emotional and spiritual – and not just the final destination.
There is an array of characters that grace the pages of Alsaid’s Let’s Get Lost. These character bring this road trip story to life. Each have a unique story to tell.  And what is so great about each of their stories is that they are all connected to each other. And that connection is main character Leila.
In terms of main character Leila it is important to realize this: she stumbles into each of their lives just when she is needed most. Because of that she often felt like the manic pixie dream girl. That is, until readers get to know who she is, and the lessons she takes away from each of the other characters. It turns out that Leila may need them more that they need her.
It’s no secret, I absolutely love a good road trip book. And Alsaid’s Let’s Get Lost fits the bill. Even though it fits the bill, this book was not a five-star book for me. And the reason being is that I felt that the end was a bit predictable. I saw what was at the end of the road, and as a reader I just wished that this book had a surprise ending.
With that said, this book truly was a great book. And it has a lot to offer its readers. Full of love, laughs, and a lesson or two Let’s Get Lost is an impressive debut. And it will leave readers wanting more from this author to watch.

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