Stealing Heaven


Stealing Heaven by Elizabeth Scott


Eighteen-year-old Danielle is a thief. And a good one at that. After all, not only has she been breaking, entering, and lifting silver since she was a small child, but she has been taught by the best of the best: her mother. Not only has her mother taught her everything she knows, she has also taught her that leading a life of crime isn’t a choice, it’s a necessity.

So when mommy dearest announces that it’s time to pick up their worldly possessions and move, Danielle isn’t surprised. But Danielle wonders. She wonders what it would be like to move and stay in one place for an extended period of time. She wonders what it would be like to lead a normal life. She wonders exactly where her mother is taking them, and why.

Turns out, her mother has her eyes set on Heaven. A sleepy, seaside town with big mansions  and even bigger wallets. But her mother isn’t interested in all of Heaven, she’s interested in the Donaldson house.  The Donaldson house belongs to one of Heaven’s oldest and richest families.

Danielle expects to move in, pull off the silver heist, and move out. What she doesn’t expect is to find some sense of normalcy: a home she’s comfortable in, a friend or two who seem to like her for who she appears to be, and even a possible love interest.

But while Danielle’s hatching her own plan to give up this life of crime, her mother continually plots. Will Danielle be able to find what she’s looking for? Will she finally be able to stand up to her mother, and walk away from her life of crime? Or is she doomed to live the life her mother has mapped out for her?

Stealing Heaven, written by author Elizabeth Scott, is a contemporary read that will, not only entertain readers, it will also engage them.

Elizabeth Scott’s writing is simply great. It’s smart, it’s original, and she relies not just on telling a story, but rather showing a story. When Scott describes this small, seaside town, she paints a vivid picture in the reader’s minds eye. Going into Stealing Heaven, as a reader, I simply thought this would be just a fun book. A book that I would enjoy, but that’s it.

What I got instead is a book, that while fun, is so much more. The plot is unique and drums up loads of questions. Questions about family, family loyalty, and the roles we play within the family unit. Even though I loved the storyline, I will admit there were some predictabilities. But those predictabilities honestly didn’t ruin or deter the book.

Beyond that, it’s full of genuine and memorable characters. Leading lady Danielle is a strong main character, that falls and fumbles. She’s flawed, but ultimately she’s real. Because of that, she’s so easy for reader to both relate to and cheer for.

Scott’s Stealing Heaven is great book, one that I expected to like, but not love as much as I did. Honestly readers, pick this book up! This contemporary read is full of thrills, chills, and even a budding romance!

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