12 Days of Christmas: Day 9 with Morgan from Gone With The Words

Hello Readers!

Happy Sunday and welcome to Day 9 of the 12 Days of Christmas feature here on the BookBandit Blog. Today’s guest post is from Morgan from Gone With The Words. True story — a few months ago I signed up for the Broke and Bookish’s Secret Santa and the person I was assigned was none other than Morgan. Seriously, it was so much fun to shop for Morgan, so because of that I knew that Morgan and I would be twitter friends. And I knew I had to see if she’d be willing to participate in this little feature. And luckily she was. A BIG THANK YOU to Morgan. For more info, check out Gone With the Words! So without further adieu, here’s Morgan’s awesome guest post!



I love giving (and getting!) books as gifts. I find it really fun to choose the perfect book for the right person, keeping in mind their reading tastes, their hobbies, and just what about that book would appeal to them specifically. It’s like being a Book Fairy! In this instance, I chose Outlander.

Why Would I Give This Book: Because I read the entire series in 6 months back in 2011. It’s that fantastic. It’s also a quick read despite its doorstop appearance. And Outlander itself is amazing for multiple reasons. There’s something for everyone, whether you’re looking for historical fiction with a twist, strong female characters, lush writing, lots of action, or sexy romance. Or all of the above! The characters and landscapes are vivid, the action is fierce and shocking, and while the story contains time travel it is wholly believable. Plus it’s set in Scotland, which lends this delicious Gaelic flavor to the story. The best part is if you end up loving Outlander, there are currently 7 sequels to read which adds up to one seriously epic series! Also… Jamie Fraser ❤

What Would I Give With It? An Outlander Book Scents candle that embraces the heather of the Highlands so you can envelop yourself in all things Scottish while you read. Going along with that, a tin of ScottishBreakfast tea from The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf  and a bag of Walker’s Shortbread Mini Festive Stars for the perfect cozy bookish snack. Don’t forget the beautiful Celtic Knot silver necklace from Etsy. The design resembles the infinity symbol wax seal on the cover of the 8th Outlander book- perfect for time travel! Lastly, Outlander Season 1 is airing on Starz now; Part 1 was absolutely incredible and Part 2 (which encompasses the second half of the book) begins in April. Get caught up with the book and the show before it comes back on air! The casting is pitch perfect, especially Claire and Jamie, and the gorgeous Scottish locations are to die for.

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