12 Days of Christmas

Hello Readers!

And Happy Thursday!

Today on the blog I’m announcing a very special feature that I will be running here on the BookBandit Blog from December 13th until December 24th.

I’m oh so happy and oh so proud to announce my first ever holiday feature – 12 Days Of Christmas!


(Image created by me using PicMonkey.com)

So what is this feature all about? Well, let me tell you. From December 13th until December 24th the BookBandit Blog will be hosting some of the best bloggers around! Each day a different blogger will discuss what one book they’d give as a gift, why they would give this specific book, and will also be sharing some other goodies they’d pair alongside their bookish gift. Think of it as a bookish gift giving guide for the holiday season!

Like I said, I’ll be hosting some of the best bloggers around. So you’re totally wondering who will be guest blogging during this 12 Days of Christmas feature? Well let me tell you!

(In Order of Appearing):

Andi from Andi’s ABCs 

Kayla from The Thousand Lives

Emma from Miss Print

Amanda from Of Spectacles & Books

Melissa from BookMarkDragon

Eden from Edyn Jean

Now, these aren’t all of the guest bloggers. I still have a few more to announce, but don’t want to announce until everything is finalized!

I’m super excited about this feature! And I truly hope that you are too!

So, please STAY TUNED!!!!


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