Monday Memories (#11)

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Hello Readers!

On today’s menu I’m talking about a book that I read years and years ago. A book that really changed my opinion of the YA world. A book that has truly left a lasting impression.

And that book is:


Tithe by Holly Black.

At this point in my life I hadn’t read a whole lot of young adult literature. Honestly, I don’t think I read any YA books up until this point. But because I was getting ready to go into grad school in the hopes of obtaining a degree in Library Science, I decided that I wanted to read more than what I was at that point. And I wanted to read differently. I didn’t want to just read the kind of books I was reading, I wanted to check out different genres for different age groups.

I’d been hearing a lot about young adult books, and I knew I wanted to check out these kinds of books. Why? Mainly because there really wasn’t YA when I was a teen – there was The Baby-Sitters Club, Sweet Valley High, and Fear Street.

So I went to the Hoboken Public Library, and entered the YA room at the top most floor. And for over an hour I meandered about picking up books and putting them back down. One of those books was Holly Black’s Tithe. The only difference between Tithe and the other books I picked up was that I didn’t put Tithe down. I checked it and the moment I got home I read it immediately. And I loved it!

Holly Black’s Tithe changed my opinion on what makes up a fairy tale. It made me see that even this high fantasy fearing reader isn’t so scary.

Tithe changed how I read, and what I read. And for this book will forever be one of my favorites!

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