Synchronized Reading Post #1: Super Powers


Hello Readers!

All this week both Miss Print and I will be posted contented pertaining to our Synchronized Reading of Sarah Beth Durst’s Chasing Power. So before jumping into this post I just want to remind you to stop by Miss Print’s blog today to read her review! (If you’re wondering, my  review will post tomorrow so stay tuned.)

A big part of Chasing Power is about super powers that the characters possess. Main character Kayla is telekinetic, and character Daniel can teleport. Because this is such an interesting aspect of the book Miss Print and I decided it would be fun to discuss what super powers, if any, would we want to possess.

My super power of choice would be …. teleporting. Now before I say why I would want this super power, let me just say this: this choice is not me taking the easy way out. I’m not just saying I want to be able to teleport because one of the characters in Chasing Power has that ability. Seriously, this is a question I’ve considered way before this post, and teleporting was always at the top of my super power list.

I have a severe case of wanderlust. After traveling abroad last year, I was bit by the travel bug! I suddenly want to see all the amazing places I’ve only dreamed about seeing – all the places I thought were mere dreams instead of concrete realities.

If I had the ability to teleport I could literally travel to each and every one of those destinations I’ve dreamed about visiting.  If I could teleport I could pop into any county or state I want. Let’s say I was curious about visiting a specific state or country, I could teleport there, check it out, and teleport home – all within a day. How cool would that be?!

There’s another big reason why I would want to teleport. And that reason being is, that even though I love to travel, I don’t particularly love traveling by plane. Every time I flyer – whether domestically or internationally – I get sick. Yes, motion sick. When I flew to London last year, I felt sick from the moment we took off to the moment we landed. It was not pleasant. If I could teleport, I feel it would at least minimize that motion sickness.  It may not cure it, but it could certainly minimize it.  And any super power that could minimize my motion sickness truly is a super power! And one that I would want.

So, now that you know I would want to teleport, I bet you are wondering where I would want to teleport to? I have a whole laundry list of places I want to visit – probably too many to actually list here. Because of that I’ll list my top five places I would want to visit.

5. Because I’m obsessed with London, I would teleport there on a daily basis – catch a play, shop on Oxford Street, and visit the rest of England.

4. California is always a state I want to visit. And I was lucky enough to visit San Diego a few years back but it just wasn’t enough. If I could teleport I would visit Hollywood, Carmel, San Francisco, and even visit the giant redwood trees!

3. The Grand Canyon – specifically the bottom of the Canyon. Being able to teleport, I could easy pop down to the bottom take in all the beauty the bottom of the Canyon offers, and pop back up to the top – all without having to take a mule ride.

2. Italy. Seriously I could see all of Italy on my own time, on my own schedule, and I wouldn’t have to fly all over.

1. Austria  is another place I’ve been obsessed with visiting. Ever since I first saw the Sound of Music. Teleporting would allow me to visit all the spots in which one of my fave movies was filmed. I could spin around on a green hill and sing (at the top of my lungs) “The Hills Are Alive”.

So yeah, the super power of my choice would totally be teleporting!

What would your super power be, dear readers? Please share!

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