Synchronized Reading: Chasing Power


Hello Readers!

Synchronized reading is back! For those of you who don’t know what this synchronized reading feature it, let me explain. Synchronized reading is a feature that my in real life bff and fellow blogger Miss Print and I read and discuss the same book.

This time around, we are choosing to read Sarah Beth Durst’s latest young adult novel, Chasing Power.  Why did we choose Chasing Power? Well, we both really love Sarah Beth Durst. Seriously, if you haven’t checked out her books, you’re missing out. Besides loving her books, we were both very lucky to score copies of Chasing Power at this year’s Book Expo America.

During the course of the week both Miss Print and I will be posting fun-filled content all related to this one book. We’ll be posting, not only our reviews of the book, but also about specific topics related to the book. As if all of that isn’t fun enough, we’ll both be featuring an interview with Sarah Beth Durst herself!

Sounds fun right?! Of course it does! So stay tuned to both this blog and Miss Print’s blog for Chasing Power related posts all week long!

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