This Is Halloween – Day 4

Special Feature



Hello Readers!

It’s day four of my This Is Halloween feature and you know what that means, right? It means tomorrow is Halloween.

Day four brings a young girl with telekinetic powers, a prom night that every student in the student body would just die for (literally), and a splattering of blood.  Know what movie I’m talking about?


Stephen King’s Carrie starring Sissy Spacek and John Travolta. Even though I really enjoyed the latest remake it just wasn’t the original.

Carrie isn’t your average teenage girl. Raised by an extreme fundamentalist (and abusive) mother, Carrie was raised to believe that everything about her being – from how she was conceived to the powers she possesses (she’s telekinetic)- is pure evil. Because of her unconventional upbringing, Carrie is cast aside as an outcast – the brunt of her classmate’s jokes.  So when she’s invited by one of the most popular guys in school to the senior prom, Carrie decides that this is her chance to fit it, even if it means being persecuted by her mother. What was supposed to be the night of her life turns out to be the sheer and utter horror.

There are many reasons why Carrie is such a great, classic horror movie. First off, the acting is great. No one could ever play Carrie the way Sissey Spacek did. Carrie is also the kind of horror movie that I’ve always felt stands the test of time. Whether you remember when this movie first graced the movie screen or if you’re just discovering this gem, it still resonates. It still makes a statement. And it still speaks volumes. As if these reasons weren’t enough, what I love most about this book to movie is the fact that even though it isn’t a slasher flick it sure is gory.