This Is Halloween – Day 3

Special Feature



Hello Readers!

And welcome to day three of my spook-tacular Halloween feature – This Is Halloween. During this whole week  I will be talking about my fave horror movies, and why they are my faves.

So let’s jump right into day three ….


There’s nothing creepier than a horror movie centered around a small child. Poltergeist is THAT kind of horror movie. It all starts out when Steve and Diane Freeling’s youngest daughter – Carol Anne – starts conversing with some entity which lives within the television – keep in mind there is no actual picture on the television screen, just pure static.. The family think it’s just the imaginary friend phase. But when a white vapor-ish entity burst from the static through the television set and passes through the family’s wall, setting off an earthquake like effect, creepy little Carol Anne announces “They’re here.”  And this is when things get strange – a tree comes to life during a horrific storm, dead bodies emerge in the family’s pool, and Carol Anne is sucked into the closet, vanishing. Before anyone really knows or understands what is happening, it’s discovered that the Freeling’s house is built atop a cemetery – hence all the ghostly unrest.

You want to know what happens to Carol Anne, right? Well, I’m not going to tell you. Nope, that would spoil it for you!

So why is Poltergeist one of my favorite horror movies?  Like I said, a horror movie is always scarier when there’s a small, innocent child involved. Beyond that, this is one of the movies that I still watch and am still scared by. At this point, I’m pretty hard to scare – movie wise. But Poltergeist really does creep me out.