Famous In Love


Famous In Love by Rebecca Serle (ARC Received From Publishers at BEA14)


Seventeen-year-old Paige Townsend dreams about the day when her name will shine in lights and her face will grace the silver screen. Even though she really hasn’t auditioned for anything besides her high school musicals, Paige is certain that one day her dreams will become a reality.

One day just happens to come sooner than Paige realizes.

When her best friend tells her that some hot shot Hollywood types will be in town auditioning a possible cast for best-seller turned movie, Locked, Paige decides she really has nothing to lose.

Before Paige knows what’s really happening, not only is she cast as the lead, but she’s swept off to beautiful Hawaii to start filming almost immediately.  Paige doesn’t know exactly what to expect from the whole experience. No matter what her expectations are she surely doesn’t expect to fall head over heels for her co-star: famed actor Rainer Devon.

It seems that this on screen couple are about to become a real couple off screen. That is until bad boy – and Rainer’s nemesis, Jordan Wilder turns up on set. Not only does Jordan shake up the whole set, but he’s also shaking up Paige’s emotions.

Famous In Love, written by author Rebecca Serle, is book one in a trilogy about fame, fortune, and all the ups and downs in between.

The writing that fills the pages of Serle’s third book, is compelling. With sharp dialog and an attention to detail readers will easily sink into this book. Beyond those qualities, Famous In Love is full of lush descriptions that will transport every reader into the heart of, not only the story, but the setting as well.

In terms of characters, main character is a superstar. And what makes her so is that she’s so real. Paige is the kind of character that readers will easily relate to and root for. But even so, they will also find that she is honestly flawed, boasting qualities that we readers may want to shake out of her.

In regards to the male leads, Rainer and Jordan, while Rainer is definitely the swoon worth character, Jordan is the depth. As much as I liked Rainer, I felt that he was the obvious choice. Jordan, was literally a wild card – the male lead that made you think and the one that kept you guessing.

Even though Serle’s three leads really do steal the spotlight, there are other characters that simply didn’t measure up. For instance, Paige talks constantly about her two best friends. But when we readers meet them the feel, well, flat. The same goes for Paige’s family. As a reader I wanted more. And I’m hoping in the upcoming books I’ll get more.

Full of celebrity happenings, behind the scene footage, and a love triangle that tops all love triangles, Famous In Love is a really fun read. And I think that you, readers, will agree with me.