It Wouldn’t Be Me If R.L. Stine Wasn’t Featured In This Post


Hello Readers!

And Happy Friday!

I’m sure all of your hardcore HG (that is, Hunger Games for you who aren’t in the know) heard about the newest trailer for Mockingjay Part 1. What, wait?! You haven’t? ¬†Well, look no further!

You’re life in R.L. Stine’s Fear Street Covers. Enough said.

Readers, have you guys checked out the Epic Reads website? There’s a ton of awesome content that you all bookish folks will love. Personally I’m fond of the quizzes – especially Which YA Horror Novel Are You? And of course I really liked Who Are You In A Horror Story? But seriously there are ton more!

Speaking of Epic Reads, have you checked out their YouTube videos?

There are a ton of banned books out there, and it seems that there are always more books being added to the list. Here are six books that you may not know (or you may already know all about) are banned. (Truth be told, I knew about all the books on the list were banned with the exception of one. Can you guess which book I didn’t realize was banned?)

I may have to plan a  trip to visit all of these book shops!

If you love YA books, mega signings, and traveling, you should really think about going to YALLFEST. (Went last year, had so much fun I’m going again this year.)

Interested in winning the Scary Stories To Tell In the Dark series? Look no further!