Monday Memories (#5)

Monday Memories

Monday Memories is a super easy and super fun meme hosted by The BookBandit  and Miss Print. Participants are asked to post a picture of a book that holds a special place in their hearts, and talk briefly about why this book is so special. If you want to join in on the fun, link up and be sure to link back!


Hello Readers!

And welcome to today’s Monday Memories post. Today I’m going to talk about a book that is relatively new, but vast popular.

Landline by Rainbow Rowell is very special to me, not just because it’s by one of my most fave authors, but because I worked really hard to get a copy of this book.


True story:

At this past years Book Expo America (BEA14) Rainbow was going to be doing an in-booth signing – but there was a catch. Not only was this in-booth signing ticketed, it was limited to only one hundred people. Now Rainbow is VERY popular, so you can only imagine the swarms of people that showed up over an hour before tickets we to be given out.

Tickets were going to be given out a hour or so before the actual signing. So I made my way through the crowds and over to the publisher’s booth. I expected to find a neat and orderly line, but to my surprise there wasn’t a line. Instead there was a mod of people hovering about the area. I asked a few people what was going on and was promptly informed that that was the “un-line”. Confused I further questioned this “un-line” business and found out that someone had complained about the massive line. Hence the “un-line”.

I jumped in the mix, chatted with my fellow Rainbow fans, and  assumed that my chances to get a ticket were slim to none. I mean, there were people there waiting long before I got there, and there was easily over 100 people milling about. But I figured, I had to try. If I got a ticket, great! If not, I’d just have to be patient and wait for Landline to hit the shelves.

I waited … and waited and when the clock stuck the precise hour, tickets were given out. And yes! I was one of the lucky ones. An hour or so later, I found myself yet on another line to meet Rainbow and get an arc of Landline signed.   Meeting Rainbow was great! Getting that chance to, not only meet her, but get an arc of this highly anticipate book was easily one of my BEA14 highlights!

What book holds a special place in your bookish hearts readers?! Share, and link up below!