The Lost

The Lost by Sarah Beth Durst


When Lauren wakes up she just doesn’t want to deal. She doesn’t want to deal with the dull office tasks she’ll have to deal with at work. And she certainly doesn’t want to deal with the bad news she’s sure she’ll be receiving later on in the day.

In an effort to escape Lauren drives straight – through the light, past the turn off that leads to her office, and away from the life she knows. Driving aimlessly, Lauren soon finds herself in a small town at the edge of a dusty desert.

Welcome to Lost – a dusty town that won’t let it’s resident’s leave unless they find what they once lost.

Lauren doesn’t know exactly what she lost. She doesn’t even know where to look for it. Stuck in a dead-end town, Lauren finds shelter in a small yellow house away from the mobs of people who seem to want her dead. She finds unlikely friends in a knife wielding six-year-old and a tattooed stranger called The Finder. And ultimately, she finds herself.

But is what she finds enough to send her home to the reality she once so desperately wanted to escape?

The Lost, written but author Sarah Beth Durst, is the first in a trilogy. Besides that, this book which is chock full of mystery and intrigue, is Durst’s first novel for adults.

Durst’s writing is nothing short of stellar. The writing that files the pages of this book will instantly attracted readers. It’s strong, engaging, and most of all descriptive. Durst has a clear vision of what the town of Lost looks like, and because of her writing reader’s too will gain that clear vision.

Not only is The Lost full of strong writing, it’s full of honest emotions.  At some point in life, I feel like almost every person has felt lost – physically, emotionally, and even spiritually. That feeling of being lost was palpable. And because of that, it was relatable.

But don’t get it wrong, The Lost isn’t a book about being lost, it’s about finding hope in the midst of being lost.

The Lost is full of characters that will leave a lasting impression. Beyond that, each play a key role important to the overall plot line. Lauren, The Lost’s main characters, is strong and determined. Always turning a negative situation into a positive Lauren is a character that readers will root for.

The Lost is a great read. It’s engaging. It’s imaginative. And beyond those fine qualities, it’s full of unforseen twists and turns. Readers will instantly want more. And luckily there are two more books in store for us fans – The Missing and The Found.