Monday Memories (#1)


Memory Mondays is a super easy and super fun meme hosted by The BookBandit Blog and Miss Print.  Participants are asked to post a picture of a book that holds a special place in their hearts, and talk briefly about why this book is so special. If you want to join in on the fun, be sure to link back!


For my very first Monday Memories post here on The BookBandit Blog, I’m taking it back to high school – to a book that holds a very special place in my heart: To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee.


I was a freshman in high school, and one of my most favorite teachers had assigned my English Class the assignment of reading a book and writing a report about that book. He gave us the freedom to choose whatever book we wanted, so long as the book wasn’t “trash or smut”. And if we couldn’t figure out a book to read, he would choose one for us.

After the class, I asked him what constitutes as “trash or smut”. His answer was vague, but he told me that he had the perfect book for me. I followed him out of the English classroom and to the teacher’s book closet. He pulled out a paperback edition of Harper Lee’s To Kill A Mockingbird and handed it to me. With that, he said “you’re going to love this book.” I thanked him, and went on my merry way.

When school was out, and I was home for the evening I picked up this book that I would supposedly love. I started reading and couldn’t stop. My teacher was right. I loved the book from the moment I started reading it.

At the time I easily identified with the innocence found within characters Scout and Jem Finch. I shared their wonderment of the world and how it worked. I was inspired by Atticus to be a good and just person. And beyond that, I loved the mystery of who Boo was. After reading Harper Lee’s book, I felt that it had changed me and shaped me in a way I wasn’t a expecting – in a way I didn’t think a book could.

Since reading To Kill A Mockingbird all those years ago, it’s been a book that I constantly think about. It’s a book that I’ve read and re-read several times.  And it’s a book that I’m proud to call one of my most favorite books.

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