The Summer I Found You


The Summer I Found You by Jolene Perry


Kate was once a normal teenaged girl who loved spending time with her best friend and making out with her boyfriend. But things change when Kate is diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. Instead of dealing with the diagnoses, Kate deems it best to ignore it, only dealing with it when things get bad.

Now Kate’s best friend is constantly worrying about her, constantly nagging her about her eating habits and insulin shots. As if having a second mother wasn’t bad enough, Kate’s near perfect boyfriend has dumped her – very publicly and for another girl.

Looking for a bit of distraction, Kate meets Aidan, a wounded soldier recently returned home from Afghanistan.

Aidan had his life planned out. He planned on dedicating his life to the U.S. Army. But when he’s badly injured, his plans change drastically. Now a veteran with one arm, Aidan needs a little distraction himself. And he finds it in Kate.

They’re both looking for distraction. But what they’ll find is so much more.

The Summer I Found You, written by author Jolene Perry, is a contemporary romance that peters out rather than sparking any kind of flame.

Perry’s writing is good. She has a real way of keeping readers interested in this story that she’s telling. Beyond that she’s crafted a story that is unique. The plot of The Summer I Found You is one that I haven’t found in the books I’ve read.

Even though the writing was good and the plot line unique, as a reader I had many problems with the book as a whole.

Main character Kate was the kind of character I wanted to root for. But I found I simply couldn’t. Instead of rooting for her, I wanted to shake sense into her. I get that she is young, and scared of this new diagnosis. But what I don’t get was her complete lack of caring about herself and about the people around her. Bottom line is this: I found Kate selfish.

I liked Aidan. But even though I liked him, I still had some issues with him as well. Like Kate, I found that Aidan too liked to sweep things under the rug – not dealing with them until he was forced to.

Both of these characters, I feel took the easy way out. Instead of being realistic and realizing that their lives had changed they chose to simply ignore it. Life doesn’t always work that way. Some people don’t have the choice to not to deal.

Besides the characters I found a slight issue with the actual title of the book. Judging from The Summer I Found You a reader would expect that this book takes place in the easy, breezy summer. Reality is: summer isn’t present. In fact Kate is still in school during the entire course of the book.

And finally, the last thing that really bothered me was this: when Kate was finally ready to deal with her diabetes it seemed to only be because of Aidan, not for herself. Not for her family who loved and cared for her so much. It was like Aidan told her to be responsible, and she was.

The Summer I Found You wasn’t what I expected it to be. I wanted more from this book. I wanted characters I could identify with and characters I could root for. I wanted a book set in the sunny summer months. But just because this book wasn’t my cup of tea, doesn’t mean it’s won’t be yours. Read it, and let’s discuss!

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