Summer Box Swap: Sign Ups and Info

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Hello Readers!

A few months back Miss Print and I hosted our very own Box Swap and it was a smashing success! So much so that we decided that we wanted to host another swap.

This time we’re calling it our Summer Box Swap and it is open to everyone – not just book bloggers. This time it is open to everyone and anyone who likes giving and who likes receiving.

Even though it’s not a book blogger we want all box swap participants to feel free to give and ask for books. But know that it isn’t required.

Before getting to the information portion of this post, you’re wondering what a swap is? A swap is basically an exchange of gifts from one person to another. It like Secret Santa only in July instead of December.

Any person located within the United States is free to sign up (use the sign up form below). Sign ups are open for two whole weeks,  from July 5th (when this post goes live) and will run until 11:59 p.m. on July 19th. Please provide as much information as you possibly can. Please make sure to fill out all required fields (any confidential information will of course remain confidential).

Emma (Miss Print) and I will be busy matching participants the week after sign ups close. You should receive your match during that week, via e-mail,  no later than July 27th.

Participants who are signing up, please be aware that there are some hard and fast guidelines. There is a fifteen dollar ($15.00) spending limit. However,  if you want to give a little more, and spend a little extra, that is completely up to you as the buyer. Also, all packages MUST BE MAILED by August 9th! That is a firm deadline.  Details on how to provide tracing information/confirm mailing will be provided to you in your match e-mail.

For more information please check out our Twitter! Speaking of Twitter, Miss Print and I have a hashtag for this swap, please use it #SummerBoxSwap (it’s awesome right?!)And if you have any questions, comments, or concerns please feel free to e-mail both Emma and I at:

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns please feel free to e-mail both Emma and I at:

So, what are you waiting for readers! Hurry, sign up!

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