Synchronized Reading: Imaginary Girls Round Up


Hello Readers!

As you know Synchronized Readings are a regular feature on this blog. And as you also know both Miss Print and I have been the in the midst of our synchronized reading of Imaginary Girls by Nova Ren Suma this past week.

It’s been a fun week on both of our blogs. Because of how fun it’s been I’m very said to say: our current synchronized reading is coming to a close!

For this synchronized reading I posted

My Intro

A Local Legend (NJ)

My Review of Imaginary Girls

On Miss Print’s Blog, Emma ¬†posted:


Local Legeng (NY)

Review of Imaginary Girls

Bonus Content: Interview with author Nova Ren Suma

And don’t forget, Miss Print is still hosting that giveaway where one lucky winner will get the chance to win their very own copy of Imaginary Girls!

¬†Well readers, both Miss Print and I had a grand ol’ time with this synchronized reading of Imaginary Girls, and I sincerly hope you enjoyed these posts as much as we did!