Shorty Review: Girl of Nightmares


Title: Girl of Nightmares

Author(s): Kendare Blake

Why Did I Read This Book: I read Anna Dressed In Blood and LOVED it.  I had to read this, if only to know what happens to Cas and Anna.

Thoughts, Likes, Dislikes: I loved Anna Dressed in Blood. But if I were being honest, with you – my dear readers – and myself, I’d say I loved Girl of Nightmares a tiny bit more. Anna Dressed in Blood didn’t leave me with a ton of questions, instead it left me – and I’m guessing everyone else who read it – with one really big question: what happened to Anna? Through Girl of Nightmares, author Blake answers that big question while seamlessly weaving another terrifying story.  I loved how, though this book, readers get to fully understand impact of what ghost hunting/killing has on Cas – on a human level.  It’s easy to forget that Cas is just a human boy with a supernatural instrument. As expected, judging from Blake’s first book, Girl of Nightmares is full of stellar writing. And besides that, the plot is so twisted you won’t be able to get enough. And still, I was thrilled to read another book that was full with one of my most favorite cast of a characters.

Recommend It:  Yes, but only if you read Anna Dressed in Blood first. If you don’t you won’t necessarily understand what is going on, even though author Blake does a great job at briefly recapping the first book.