Synchronized Reading: Roomies: Bonus Content (Part 2)

Hello Readers!

True story, when I reached out to author Tara Altebrando in regards to answering a few questions to participate in mine and Miss Print’s synchronized reading posts of Roomies, Tara asked if I would be interested in featuring some extra bonus content.  Obviously, I said yes!

Both Tara Altebrando and Sara Zarr have compiled a list of tips that will help with any Roomie-type situation.


Sara Zarr and Tara Altebrando, authors of ROOMIES, a new YA novel about two girls who are about to become freshman year college roommates, have some advice for peaceable cohabitation.

Be a Never Nude
Take a lesson from Tobias on Arrested Development and cover yourself. It’s great to be comfortable with your glorious, naked body, but don’t assume everyone else is. Keep a bathrobe handy, and sleep in something besides your birthday suit. (This also helps prevent awkward moments with floormates who might walk in without remembering to knock.)—SZ

Keep Your Sh*t Together
Literally. Like don’t think of the whole room as your kingdom. You should have an area/side that’s sort of “yours” and you should try to keep your stuff there. See the cover of Roomies as a model for living.—TA

The Nose Knows
You know what doesn’t smell good? Banana peels, the five-day-old last inch of your pumpkin spice latte, and Jean Nate body splash. Okay, probably no one wears Jean Nate body splash anymore, but science says that what smells amazing to one person (in perfume, lotions, hair products) can smell like “here comes my migraine” to another. Check in with your roomie about each other’s olfactory dealbreakers, and keep the room’s trash can clear of old food.—SZ

Me Talk Pretty One Day
Do not make fun of your new roommate’s accent, y’all! Newsflash: You have one, too!—TA

Baby You’re a Firework. Or ARE YOU?
I personally find this hard to believe, but not everyone loves Katy Perry. Or Macklemore. Or show tunes. Maybe you and your roommate can introduce each other to new exciting musical vistas, and wind up rocking out together to early 80s David Bowie and that experimental accordion group you love. Or maybe you can invest in a good pair of noise-cancelling headphones or earbuds.—SZ

You Snooze You Lose
I once had a roommate who would set her alarm for some ungodly hour and then hit snooze like ten times. Sometimes, actually, I’d be the one to walk in there and hit snooze. It wasn’t even waking her up! Respect sleep is what I’m saying. It’s all powerful.—TA

Don’t Get Even, Get Mad
A lot of us grow up learning to avoid conflict at all costs. This doesn’t actually work in creating healthy human relationships. If you’re mad at your roommate about something, go calm down, then say so directly when it’s a good time for both of you to talk. If you suppress it, it’s going to eventually come out in passive aggression or an epic blow-up. Productive conflict resolution is a great skill to start practicing now; you’ll need it your whole life, assuming you choose continue to interact with other human beings post-college.—SZ”

Thank You so much to Tara Altebrando for giving me the chance to, not only feature such an awesome piece of content here on the blog, but for also taking the time to answer a few questions.  Tara, seriously, you are AWESOME!!