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Hello Readers!

As you can see from the above banner I’m taking part in SoHo Teen’s blog tour for Liv, Forever – a debut novel by an award-winning screenwriter and director turned author Amy Talkington. Today I will be talking about my thoughts and feeling about this new book I’m so, so, so glad I had the chance to read and love.

Liv, Forever

Bouncing from one foster home to the next has really taken it’s toll on Olivia “Liv” Bloom. Because of her not-so-ideal childhood, Live has grown up longing for love and for the chance to step into the world on her own. She longs to create in her own way, on her own terms.

So when she’s accepted into the art program at the upscale boarding school, Wickham Hall, Live finally has her chance. A chance to step away from her old life and into a new one. A chance to create what she wants, when she wants. A change to live and love.

But Wickham Hall isn’t what Liv expects it to be.

First there’s Malcolm Astor, a uber rich classmate who, not only befriends the scholarship student, but sweeps her off her feet. Then there’s Gabe, another scholarship student who warns of Wickham Hall’s wayward spirits. And as if that isn’t strange enough, Liv finds herself meeting ghost-like students. Girls that she can see, but no one else can.

And those ghost-like girls have been warning her of her impending doom. Like many before her, Liv is brutally murdered. And it’s up to her, her new-found friend Gabe, and almost boyfriend Malcolm to figure out what actually happened – not just to Liv but to all those girls – and who is behind the gruesome deaths.

If they don’t sort this whole thing out, she’ll be stuck in a life after death. Forever.

Liv, Forever is author Amy Talkington’s debut young adult novel, and it’s one that will leave a lasting impression. Full of murder, mystery, and meyhem this is one paranormal read that will haunt readers from start to finish.

The writing that fills the pages of Liv, Forever isn’t only solid, it’s also engaging. From the moment the book opens to the moment it ends readers will not be able to put the book down. ¬†Beyond that, author Talkington handles the mystery aspect of her debut smoothly. She hands out bits and pieces, but she has a real knack for keeping readers guessing.

Liv, Forever is truly a character driven story. Main character Liv is a character that every reader can and will easily relate to. She’s honest and passionate – not just about art but about life. She’s complex and flawed. But besides those great qualities, she’s the kind of lead character that readers will root for in both good and bad situations.

But Liv isn’t the only great character. Each character featured within Liv, Forever plays a key role in the greater plot. For instance, from the outside looking in, it looks like Liv’s friend Gabe is just another scholarship kid. But turns out that this scholarship kid has a knack for not only seeing ghosts, but being able to communicate with them.

Liv, Forever was a truly unique read. One that I am sure will leave a lasting impression on every readers who picks this book up.