I Wish I Was a Speed Reader

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Hello Readers!

While scrolling through my Twitter feed last week I came across a former grad school teacher’s post about an article from The Guardian which talks about how if you read a total of 926 words a minute, you can read War and Peace in less than twenty-four hours. This blog entry also links to an online test to see how fast you read.

Even though I do not want to see the Lego Movie, I do think Lego’s are cool!

As readers there are plenty of books I’ve read and loved that other readers simply did not. I consider these books that unsung heroes of the book world. Recently, author John Green vlogged about the 18 great books that most readers probably have not read.

We all have book crushes. So what does your book crush say about you?

After a long hard day at work, I log onto Facebook to find this posted on my wall from my bestie! She knows me so well! We librarians are chameleons.

I recently finished Austenland by Shannon Hale. I enjoy it, but will no diverge any further feelings as I will be reviewing it soon. I felt that this BuzzFeed quiz is a great follow-up to such a read. If you’re curious, according to this quiz I am Anne Elliot — “Kind-hearted and smart, you enjoy helping others and thrive under pressure. You can appear reserved, but aren’t afraid to speak you mind. You’re incredibly loyal to the people you love and are an all-round awesome person.”

Of all the movies I saw last year, Frozen was definitely one of my most favorite movies. The animation was spectacular. The music astounding. Since the movies release there’s been a lot of covers, but thisĀ Africanized Tribal Version is great!

I’m so glad that I’m not the only one who buys pursed based upon whether a not can fit a book (or two) in there.

My bff Miss Print is hosting a great giveaway. Head over to her blog to win a copy of The Winner’s Curse.