Anything to Have You


Anything to Have You by Paige Harbison (review copy provided by NetGalley)


Natalie and Brooke have been best friends their whole lives. Brooke was there when Natalie’s mom walked out, and Natalie was there when one guy or another broke Brooke’s heart. But as senior year approaches they soon find themselves slowly drifting in opposite directions.
Natalie doesn’t understand Brooke’s constant need to party and be the center of attention, especially when she already has the attention of Aiden, her long-term boyfriend and the guy Natalie has been secretly pining away for.  But Brooke isn’t any more understanding of Natalie’s spinster like lifestyle either. Come on, how can drinking hot cocoa and watching old movies be fun.
So when the most eligible senior throws what’s bound to be the party of the year, Brooke practically forces Natalie out of her shell and into the party. But she doesn’t force Natalie to drink. She doesn’t force Natalie to flirt uncontrollably with boyfriend Aiden. And she certainly doesn’t force her best friend to sleep with someone that night.
The next morning, dazed and confused, Natalie wakes up sore in all the wrong places with no recollection. She has no idea of what she did, or who she did it with. But Aiden, Brooke’s boyfriend knows, and he seems to be having trouble forgetting the whole unforgettable night.
Natalie realizes that what she did, with whomever she did it with, was wrong. But what she doesn’t realize is that one drunken mistake can change everything, her life and even her friendship with Brooke.
Can Natalie fix it? And if so, will Brooke forgive her?

Anything To Have You, written by author Paige Harbison, is a realistic read that closely examines the ins and outs of friendships, relationships, and everything in between.

Harbison’s writing, like her characters, are open and honest. The dialog isn’t only sharp, but it’s reminiscent of how today’s teens speak.   Her tone is conversational, and often light. But this doesn’t mean there isn’t substance.Anything To Have You deals with some serious, hard-hitting issues. Issues like teenage drinking, promiscuity, life beyond high school are all handled realistically and with authority.

As mentioned before Harbison’s characters are open and honest characters. They are flawed, dimensional, relatable, and above all else realistically authentic. Readers will easily identify as a Natalie or a Brooke, or a combination of the two. Beyond that Anything to have you is the kind of book that readers will find themselves rooting for not just one main character, but both of them.

Going into Harbison’s Anything To Have You, I honestly thought I had it all figured out. Girl meets boy, girls best friend steals boy. But that wasn’t the case. There were plot points that I just didn’t see coming.

There’s a lot to enjoy about Anything To Have You. For instance, the book is told not just from one perspective, but both Natalie and Brooke’s perspective gaining a better understanding of both characters. But there is one aspect that I didn’t enjoy. The ending felt a bit too rushed and a bit to tidy.

If you’re looking for a read that is quick, honest, and realistic, Anything To Have You is the book for you!