Take A Stroll on Fear Street

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Hello Readers!

In case you didn’t already know, I let you know a fun fact about me: like most people my age I grew up reading R.L. Stine – mainly his goosebumps series. As I grew and matured I found my way to Fear Street. Recently, Mr. Stine posted his favorite Fear Street books on his website. Now, while I remember reading lots and loving lots of those Fear Street books, I didn’t read all of them. With that said, I was a bit saddened to see that my most favorite Fear Street book was, in fact, NOT on his favorite list. You should really check it out, especially if you are or even were a Fear Street fan. (In case you are wondering, my favorite book is One Evil Summer)

As I was recently perusing Facebook a few days back I found that some of my FB friends were taking the What Literary Character Are You Quiz.  I read a lot of Shakespeare in High School, so it’s not quite surprising that I am Juliet (of all the Shakespearian characters I probably liked her most)

Another quiz that I think is fun has absolutely nothing to do with books. It’s a Buzzfeed quiz that tells you What City You Should Really Be Living In.  It was fun, but honestly I don’t believe a word of it. According to this quiz I should be living in Paris. I’ve never even wanted to live in Paris. Now …. London that’s a whole other story.

A former teacher of mine and a friend of mine (Miss Print) posted this interesting Huffington Post Article on Twitter recently. In it, it details the top thirteen YA books that hit on some hard issues.  I’ve only read five of the thirteen titles.

I really, really love my books, but in all honesty I don’t think I could afford one of these fancy bookcases!

I’ve been trying to, slowly but surely, get rid of some books. My good friend Miss Print has been ruthless. But I am not — for many reasons I don’t really want to get into. But I found this post by Jamie over at the Perpetual Page Turner to be quite helpful. Especially those questions she asks herself after reading a book.

And finally, speaking of Miss Print … her birthday is coming up, and to celebrate she’s giving away a book. You should check it out, and definitely enter.

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