Winter Break Book Blogger Challenge: Day Seven

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16DaysofBloggingHello Readers!

It’s Day Seven of Andi and Amanda’s Winter Break Book Blogger Challenge. Admittedly, today’s challenge was a tough one for me – it really made me think about the books I’ve read and the characters in those books. So, without further adieu, here’s:

Day Seven: Favorite Book Family/Friendship


I recently read Out of Easy by Ruta Sepetys. I loved it … a lot.  Besides the writing and the storyline, what I loved most about this book were the relationships that were present within this book.

I loved main character Josie’s relationship with Willie, a tough as nails madame of a brothel. Willie doesn’t overtly show her love and affection for Josie, instead she teaches her life lessons that will help her grow into a person she could be proud of, one that’s going to make something out of nothing.  Josie doesn’t have a lot – a mother who is useless, little to no friends, and a lacking wardrobe – but she has Willie, and that’s all she needs to be a family.

Besides Willie, Josie has a particularly special relationship with Cokey, Willie’s driver. It’s apparent that Cokey has filled a small portion of the void of an absentee father made in Josie’s life. He loves her unconditionally as if she were one of his now. He supports and encourages her dreams no matter how far fetched they seem to everyone else. He’d do just about anything for her.  And Josie, well, she’d do anything for dear ol’ Cokey.

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