Winter Break Book Blogger Challenge: Day Four


Hello Readers!

Merry Christmas Eve! Today is day four of the Winter Break Book Bloggers Challenge: Sixteen Days of Blogging and I have to say, not only am I having a great time posting, but I have to say I’ve been good at posting each and everyday (so far, I know we’re early in this challenge as of now).

Day Four: Were You a Good Blogger? What are the top 5 books on my wishlist?

I’d like to say that this year was the best blogging year ever.But reality is, it wasn’t my all time greatest. As far as blogging goes I feel like I did an okay job. I’ve slacked off a bit, but my slacking isn’t without reason. I’ve been busy with work, acclimating myself to a new space, new hours, and new people (all of which could be tiring). I’ve been busy reading for a work related committee, which was stressful (and not as much fun as I thought come crunch time). And if all that wasn’t enough I’ve been in a massive reading slump. It seems like, for the past few months, every book I pick up I want to put right back down.

So for those reason I didn’t post as many reviews and Book of the Weeks posts as I would have liked. However, with that said, I honestly feel that the reviews I did post were solid reviews. I feel like this year, writing wise, I’ve grown. And I tried. I tried my hardest to take this blog to the next level. I’ve incorporated several new posts this year (Top Ten Tuesday to name one).

I would say I was a good, not the greatest, blogger this year.

Because of my being on the good list, the top five books on my wishlist are:






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