Have You Read The List Yet?

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Hello Readers!

Has anyone read Siobhan Vivian’s The List? Now, I own this book. Have it signed and personalized. But I have yet to actually sit and read it. You would never know that I’m super excited to read this book. Well, while perusing the interwebs the other day I stumbled upon an article on Publisher’s Weekly, announcing that MTV was going to create a new television show based upon this book. To those of you who’ve read the book, how do you feel!

I wish I was there for this! And speaking of NeilĀ Gaiman, if you’re like me, and you missed the chance to spend the evening – any evening – with Neil Gaiman and Amanda Palmer, the two could instantly be in your living room!

Any Dr. Who fans out there? Oh, there you are! I’m not a fan (not because of dislike, but because I haven’t ever watched an episode). Check out this article where BuzzFeed has mashed together Dr. Who and beloved Disney characters!

This has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with books, it’s just something I wanted to share.

As you readers already know, here on The BookBandit Blog, we’re in week two of the Wrapped Reads giveaway. Here are two hints as to what books are up for grabs this week:

Book 1:


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