Two Boys Kissing


Two Boys Kissing by David Levithan


Harry and Craig are trying to break a world record. They are trying to break the world record for kissing, which means that Harry and Craig, former boyfriends and now best friends, must have their lips locked for over thirty-two hours.
Thirty-two hours is a long time – to stand, to go without drinking a drop of anything, to kiss. But the two boys are determined. They are determined to show the world that they could do this. They’re determined to inspire the uninspired.
And inspire they do. Through them, others kids find themselves. Others aren’t afraid to be who they are meant to be. And still others aren’t afraid of their sexuality anymore. But as much as they inspire, the more they kiss the more feelings awake inside of them.  And the more feelings that awaken the farther and farther down they must hide them.
Two Boys Kissing written by acclaimed young adult author David Levithan is a realistic, romantic read that will leave some readers enchanted and other (like me) disheartened.
As expected Levithan’s writing is nothing short of spectacular. The sentences that fill this book blend seamlessly from one sentence to another. Because of this Two Boys Kissing has a very poetic feel to it. With that said, the only aspect of the writing that wasn’t enjoyable, for me as a reader that is, was the very obvious fact that there is no chapters.
Because of the lack of chapters the several story lines that are going on blend into one overall story. But not in a good way.  As a reader I wasn’t sure what story belonged to which character, often leaving me momentarily confused. It seemed as if each storyline wouldn’t come together, it made it seem as if there were a lot of unfinished moments.
Another aspect of the book that simply didn’t work for me as a reader was the narration. From the start I couldn’t pinpoint who exactly was narrating Two Boys Kissing. I knew it wasn’t one of the many characters. But I didn’t know who was telling this story. It took me over fifty pages to figure out who was telling this story. Because of this Two Boys Kissing felt very disjointed. I couldn’t enjoy the book fully because I couldn’t shake the disjointed-ness.
When only dealing with the meat and potatoes of the book, the story line of the two boys kissing, it was a really great story. I found myself skimming over the parts that didn’t feature the two kissers Harry and Craig. It felt like those moments with Harry and Craig were the shining star moments. For me, Two Boys Kissing would have been excellent rather than just okay, if it focused solely on these two characters and ditched the not so obvious chorus of narrators.
I wanted to love Two Boys Kissing because I’m a fan of Levithan. But reality is, I had a lot of issues with the book that I simply couldn’t look pass. Even though the writing was amazing, and the main story line was a strong one, the narration just didn’t work for me.  But this doesn’t mean that it won’t work for you. Go out and read Two Boys Kissing, and let’s discuss!