Falling in Love With English Boys



Falling In Love With English Boys by Melissa Jensen



When sixteen year old Catherine “Cat” Vernon’s mother informs her that Cat will be packing up her bags and spending the summer in London, Cat isn’t exactly happy. She knows what her (s)mother considers a good time: researching. Researching what? An unknown Regency-era author by the name of Mary Percival.

Away from her friends, Cats new life in London consists of daily trips to the corner store for her regular chocolate break and blogging about how miserable her life is right now.

Sensing her daughter’s sheer and utter boredom, Cat’s mother sends William Percival, a descendent of the Percival family (obviously judging by his last name) to hand-deliver a diary that belonged to sixteen year old Katherine Percival.  Cat really isn’t interested in the diary, but she is interested in Will.

While trying to figure out the best way to catch Will’s eye, Cat passes time reading the other Katherine’s diary. Through it she learns about life and love in Regency-era London. But beyond that, Cat learns that both life and love aren’t always fair.

Will Cat get what, or rather who, she wants? Will she fall in love and live a life true to her own dreams? Or will her destiny be mapped out for her much like Katherine’s was over two hundred years ago?

Falling in Love With English Boys, written by author Melissa Jensen, is a contemporary read with a heavy romance angle that will make readers have all the feels.

The writing that fills Falling In Love With English Boys is simply delightful. From the moment the book opens until its final page, readers know that, yes it’s a light romance, but it isn’t so light it’s fluffy. This book has substance. It’s smart, it’s honest, and most of all, because of the writing it is engaging. Readers will feel as if they know Cat from the inside out. They will feel as if they are a part of the story.

There is a lot to love about Jensen’s book – from the setting to Will. But admittedly , at first, main character Cat isn’t so lovable. Honestly, she wasn’t so likable at the very beginning. When we first meet Cat she comes off as whiney, self-absorbed, and quite boring, what with her wallowing in her own unhappiness, unable to see the bright side of London – the new-found friends, the clothes and the chocolate, and of course the boy. But by the end of the book, I couldn’t help but really like her and the person she turned into.

Falling in Love With English Boys was a real surprise. I don’t know what I expected of it. After all I really only picked it up because it was set in London, the place I was preparing to travel to myself. But I know I didn’t expect to enjoy it as much as I did.  And any book that is that full of surprises really is a great book in my opinion.