Holiday Color Swap

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Hello Readers!


A few weeks ago my real life BFF and fellow blogger Miss Print told me about this great swap going on. The Holiday Color Swap hosted by Mrs. AOK, What’s Up With The Wilhelms, The Real Housewife of Caroline County, and Buckiddo.

The swap couldn’t be easier, nor could it have been more fun. Participants wouldn’t be swapping books – the kind of swap I normally participate it – but rather nail polish. Even though I already own a ton of nail polish, I’m of the mind that a girl could never have enough nail polish. Who’s with me there!?

Anywho, I signed up, waiting patiently for who I’d be swapping with, and once that information was received, hit the store to pick up some nail polish.

I was paired with Mrs. AOK (yes, one of the hosts of this awesome giveaway). Mrs. AOK runs a blog called Mrs. AOK, A Work in Progress and on it she blogs about life, family, being a mommy and much more. And this is what I received from her:



A beautiful, silver sparkly card.

Not one, but two nail polishes: Sally Hanson’s Extreme Wear in Disco Ball which is all sparkles. And we all know I love me some sparkly nail polish. And Sally Hansen Instradri in Red-io Active which is a gorgeous shade of red, perfect for the upcoming holiday season!

And as if this wasn’t enough, a warm pair of blue and grey striped gloves.

I want to say Thank You to Mrs. AOK for being so generous and for giving me such beautiful nail polish. Also, another Thank You to all the blogs who hosted this giveaway: Mrs. AOK,¬†What’s Up With The Wilhelms, The Real Housewife of Caroline County, and Buckiddo