Book of the Week: Tea Party Rules

Book of the Week, Children's

(For the past few weeks I haven’t posted a Book of the Week post. I want to give a very brief explanation of why. I’ve been reading a ton of picture books for work related reasons. But the picture books I’ve been reading I haven’t been absolutely loving. And I really don’t want to spotlight books I’m not 100% passionate about for these Book of the Week posts.)

Tea Party Rules by Ame Dyckman Illustrated by K.G. Campbell

Published: 2013 by Viking Juvenile

Reasons Why I liked this book, and chose it as Book of the Week:

I’m going on record and saying this: AME DYCKMAN is awesome! And if you don’t believe me, you should follow her on twitter, read her books, and find out for yourself. I’m sure you’ll agree.

I own my own copy of Tea Party Rules. And as if that wasn’t enough, it’s signed to me from Ame! It says that I’m always invited to her tea parties!

I bet she throws some festive tea parties.

From the moment we meet Cub we know that he’s a great character! I love the cool expression he walks around the forest with.

It seems that leaves just cling to Cub.

Playing is always better when there are cookies involved.

Cub thinks that, besides his mother and his sleeping sibling, that he’s the only bear playing in the forest. Well, imagine his surprise when he stumbles upon, not only the cookies, but another bear sitting where he should be sitting.

Cub doesn’t realize that the other bear isn’t real, but rather a stuffed animal.

He tries to talk to it, but it doesn’t respond. He tries to nudge him but ends up knocking him off the chair.

Now, Cub must impersonate the stuffed bear if he wants some cookies.

Cub doesn’t realizing that impersonating this stuffed bear means he’ll have to play tea party. And playing tea party always involves rules. Cub won’t necessarily like these rules.

Tea Party Rule #1: “You must be clean.”

Bear isn’t clean, he’s grubby. He likes being grubby, and to be honest, I like him grubby too!

Tea Party Rule #2: “You must be neat.”

It isn’t enough to just be clean.

But Cub is willing to be clean and neat if it means he’ll get to enjoy those cookies.

It’s always all about the cookies!

Tea Party Rule #3: “You must be fancy.”

Fancy? Bear is a bit scared to be fancy. But rules are rules, and cookies are cookies.

Being fancy means wearing perfume, getting your hair (or fur) done, and wearing a pink ruffly dress.

Fancy isn’t fun in Cub’s opinion.

But it’s worth it.

Tea Party Rule #4: “You must eat daintily.”

This is just too much for him to handle. First he had a bath, than his hair was done, after all that he was stuffed into an uncomfortable dress. Now he’s expected to eat daintily?!? Bears do NOT eat daintily, and he shows his tea party host just how real bears eat.

Cub devours the cookies.

But then realizes how sad his host is. She too was looking forward to those cookies.

As a peace-offering, Cub offers her the very last cookie. Even though, I’m sure, he really wants it for himself.

But friends share, and do things for each other.

The tea party host decides it’s not tea party time. It’s playing like a bear time! ROAR!!!

Cub likes playing bear. He already knows the rules.

The writing is simply great! Author Dyckman tells a great story, with strong yet whimsical writing.

The illustrations are equally as great. The are the perfect complement to author Dyckman’s story.

I absolutely loved this book. And I’m so happy to own this book!


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