The Best Part of Being a Book Lover

Food For Thought, Random

Once again BuzzFeed has created a list detailing the 23 Best Parts of Being a Book Lover. I know that I personally can easily relate to several (cough cough all of them) points the article details.

Beloved children’s author Barbara Park passed away earlier this week. It’s a sad loss, to not only us book lovers, but also to the literature world. I think to honor her and all the great books she blessed us readers with we should go and read a Junie B. Jones book!

Anyone who knows me know that I’m a HUGE Hunger Games fan (really though, who isn’t?! Even my mother who does read, loved the HG Trilogy and even the first movie!). But I’m not so sure about this Hunger Games Theme Park.  How do all of you HG fans feel about this?

While we’re on the topic of The Hunger Games, have you seen any HG tattoos?

The final round of the Good Reads Best Books 2013 Choice Awards is going on now! Have you voted yet?

I was there!

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