Shorty Review: Boy Meets Boy


Title: Boy Meets Boy

Author(s): David Levithan

Why Did I Read This Book: I read it for two very specific reasons. One, I’m a David Levithan fan (even though I’ve only read one other books written by him, and it doesn’t fully count since it was co-authored). And second, because I read it as a part of my self-imposed reading challenge this past August.

Thoughts, Likes, Dislikes: Besides the super sweet plot line, what I liked most were all the characters that filled the pages of Levithan’s Boy Meet Boy.  This colorful cast of characters are well crafted, realistic, and easy to relate to. Besides the characters I really love Levithan’s ease with words. Boy Meets Boy is a story that flows seamlessly without hitch.  It often felt, for me as a reader anyway, that instead of a fictional character conveying his story, a friend was conveying it. I felt like I was a part of the story, was one of the many colorful characters. And still, I really liked it because even though it was a quick read, it wasn’t a fluff one. Boy Meets Boy is full of substance.

Recommend It: Yes, most definitely. Why because it’s a great book written by an equally great author! But then again, I’m a fan so I’m just a bit bias.