Better Late Than Never a.k.a. My London Book Haul

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Hello Readers!

I’m not sure if I mentioned it or not, but last month my mother and I took our first trip overseas. After a seven hour flight, where motion sickness got the best of me, we flew across the pond to London.

We took in the sights, dropped a few pounds or so shopping, and wore our sneakers down to the soles. We even rode the London Eye. But this blog post isn’t to tell you all about my travels, but instead about the books in which I purchased while I was in London.

On my third day there, after taking in an Alice in Wonderland themed tea at the Sanderson London (hotel), after visiting the famous epicenter of shopping Harrod’s, we stopped off briefly at Piccadilly Circus. Why? Originally, we hadn’t planned on stopping by the Times Square of London, but while we had some time to spare, we figured, why not?!

While there, not only did I find myself in my most favorite store, Boots, but I stumbled upon a Waterstones, which (obviously) is a bookstore similar to our Barnes & Noble stores.  I went in with the intentions of just browsing. Books are heavy, and if my suitcase was over the prescribed weight limit, I’d have to pay even more.

We all know, as a book lover and a librarian, the word “browse” isn’t in my vocabulary.  I bought a total of six books, five of which I haven’t seen or heard about here in the States.

While in Waterstones, simply “browsing” I asked the guy working the counter for his suggestions. I was looking for titles that were hot in England – not in the States. He informed me that some of their biggest and best-selling authors are, not surprisingly, authors I’m already aware and familiar with – authors like Cassandra Clare and John Green.

But after chatting with him about what I liked to read and what I didn’t (he was great at reader’s advisory) he suggested a few. They were all great suggestions but at the end of it all, I ended up following my gut and picking up some reads on my own.

While at Waterstones I bought:

The Glimpse by Claire Merle “In the not so distant future, society has been divided into Pures and Crazies, according to the results of a DNA test. When Ana finds out there was a mistake with her test, her whole world crumbles. Now, Pure-boy Jasper is her only hope for salvation. But when Jasper disappears, Ana is distraught. She sets off on his trail, determined to solve the mystery of his abduction. In doing so she uncovers some devastating truths, but she also learns to love as she has never loved before …” – From the back cover of The Glimpse

The Fall by Claire Merle “In the not so distant future, society has been divided into Pures and Crazies according to the results of a DNA test. But Ana uncovered dangerous evidence that the tests are fake. Determined to expose the lies, Ana escapes her Pure Community and makes it to the Enlightenment Project. back in the arms of Cole, nothing is simple. Some believe her presence in the protest camp jeopardizes their safety, others believe she is the Angel from their prophetic Writings … As Ana struggles with her past and her identity, she must take greater and greater risks for the truths. Threatened with losing everyone she cares about, can she finish what she started?” From the back cover of The Fall

Ketchup Clouds by Annabel Pitcher (which releases on November 12th here in the U.S.) “Zoe Collins has a dark and terrible secret that she dares confess to no one. But one day she hears of a criminal on death row who knows all about secrets. And lies. And betrayal. Desperate to confide in someone, Zoe picks up a pen. These are the letters that she wrote.” – From the back cover of Ketchup Clouds

Carnaby by Cate Samptson (which isn’t available here in the U.S.) “Sarah Carnaby’s mother is dead, and she found the body. But Sarah’s not talking, even when she’s called as a prosecution witness. She knows nothing, feels nothings, remembers nothing. Because if she allows anyone to get close, if she lets anyone in, she may never see her family again.” – From the back cover of Carnaby.

Memory by Christoph Marzi “This is a book about a ghost called Story. She’s lost, in the city, alone, afraid, and without her memory. Then she meets Jude, a boy who sees the dead. And he is the only one who can help here remember …” – From the back cover of Memory

The Terrible Thing That Happened to Barnaby Brocket by John Boyne & Illustrated by Oliver Jeffers (I knew I could buy this one here, but it was an impulse buy. Mainly because I love Oliver Jeffers’ work) “There is nothing unusual about the Brockets. Boring, respectable and proud of it, they turn up their noses at anyone strange or different. But from the moment Barnaby Brocket comes into the world, he defies the laws of gravity – and FLOATS. One day, the Brockets decide enough is enough. They never asked for a weird, abnormal, floating child. Barnaby has to go …” – From the back cover of The Terrible Thing That Happened to Barnaby Brocket

So there you have it, the six books that I bought while I was vacationing in London. If there are any books that you would like to see reviewed, please let me know in the comments!