If You’re Like Me & Haven’t Read Divergent

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Hello Readers!

Well, if the title of this post caught your attention, because you are like me, and HAVEN’T read Divergent, that both you and I should really check out this article. 

Calling all kid-lit loving ladies out there: isn’t this train case A-DORABLE?! I want it, but don’t necessarily want to make it? Will any of you, dear readers make it for me? (just kidding … not really)

A few days ago, my bff and fellow blogger Miss Print blogged about this great holiday (I know it’s not the holiday season just yet, so I’m considering it more of a pre-holiday season swap) swap, where participants swap, not books, by nail polish! I don’t know how she found this, but I’m thankful she did, and that she was kind enough to share it. So if you want it, check out the swap, and sign up here!

Before we know it 2014 will be upon up. And with that comes World Book Night. Check out this SLJ article about the 9 children’s and YA titles that made it to this upcoming years list!

Dear Readers, does anyone own one of those “Wreck This Journal” journal? Is it as awesome as it seems in the Little Book Owl’s video?  Please leave feedback on if you own one of these journals and if you love/hate it! I’m interested to find out your thoughts.

And last but certainly NOT least: Book Bloggers, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE DO NOT FORGET TO SIGN UP FOR THE GIVING THANKS BOOK BLOGGER BOX SWAP that Miss Print and I are hosting!